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Here to comment on and draw fanart of some fics I like!

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  • 134 weeks
    feel the violence in the wind

    let it push you, but keep your bearings
    until the moment your actions actually matter, then use it's momentum as your own, and guide it in the direction you choose

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  • 134 weeks
    I used to be more than this.

    I used to feel things so strongly

    I used to truly believe in causes and fight for them

    I need to figure out how to reignite myself, to scatter the shadows from every darkened corner of my heart.

    4 comments · 147 views
  • 139 weeks
    Writing isn't really my passion

    I'm more of a visual storyteller, y'know? I like to draw stuff, and I think I'm pretty good at conveying emotions through character's expressions and body language and junk.

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  • 140 weeks
    I commissioned a Twilight and Pinkie story

    "Make it about season 1 twilight, with her sarcastic, no-nonsense attitude still learning to deal with Pinkie's Pinkieness!" I said.

    "Have their personalities and world views clash in funny ways!", I said.

    I got all that humor and nostalgia that I wanted...

    ...as well as some other stuff in addition! I'm not quite sure how the site will react to this once they post the story.


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  • 204 weeks
    Happy Birfday to the Infamous Aragon!!

    its a depiction of the "snooping cloud" scene from his fic "In Hindsight"

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Earth tribe!! · 8:58am Jan 3rd, 2017

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Yay, plant people!

Thanks for paying attention to this little passion project of mine, hawthorn! Hope you had a good new years?

I went back to my birth country of Thailand for the new year, which was fun but sobering because the entire country is in mourning for the death of our king, who was a very great man. (Yet another fatality of 2016).

How about you? Hows life been treating you?


No, I got a cold and then had to babysit three screaming kids, it was awful :rainbowlaugh: but at least it's not 2016!

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