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The Power of The Darkness: Everything Is Going As I Have Foreseen... · 8:35pm Jan 2nd, 2017

Greetings Gotham, Joker here! Although it's not quite a powerhouse like Of Symbols and Ciphers or Why So Serious, I am nonetheless pleased with how The Power of The Darkness has turned out, even with that duchebag's comment. Also, the next chapter of the story is going along swimmingly. Right now I'm doing a little bit of exposition with Kylo Ren's backstory, during which he has a "My God, What Have I Done?" moment. Once that's finished, I'll have him meet the rest of the Mane 6. The next chapter is where Kylo starts training Red as he apprentice. Just in case you thought I was joking, I was serious about Derpy becoming a Knight of Ren... and she's gonna be really, really, really, really strong with the Force. Chapter 4 is where A Canterlot Wedding Pt.1 happens, with Chapter 5 being A Canterlot Wedding Pt.2.

Oh, and when we get to the point in the story where the Season 3 premire happens, I PROMISE you, that Kylo Ren and King Sombra are going to go mano e mano, and this song will play during that fight:

I'll find a way to make it work.

Now then, I suppose I should explain how I'm gonna get Sunset Shimmer involved with the Knights of Ren if I'm following along with the series canon. Simply put: Sunset doesn't get through the mirror with Twilight's crown, thanks to Kylo.

Well, that's all for today, kiddies! Remember: dying is easy, comedy is hard!

EDIT: I just deleted that mean comment. Not because it was mean, but because it had too many downvotes, and I was starting to get a little nuaseated by the guy's profile picture.

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