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The Shark is a mild fan of MLP who is writing an MLP version of a story she didn't like to see if she can do it "better" and wishes to share the results for critiques.

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The Shark's thoughts this New Year's Eve · 6:26pm Dec 31st, 2016

Well, looks like 2016 is drawing to close. I don't know about the rest of you, but it's been a pretty eventful one for me. Of course there's been my working on The Ponies who Played with Fire. I'd hoped to have the final chapter posted by now, but it seems God had other plans and if there's anything life has taught me, it's that His timing is ultimately better than mine. I will continue trying to get the chapters out as fast as possible, but how soon I can actually complete and post them is His call.

Also, looking back at 2016, it's a tad ironic I've heard about many celebrities dying this year, and yet Beverly Cleary, who has probably had a greater impact on me personally than any of the other bigger name celebrities out there, has hung in there long enough to hit the triple digits. (Though according to her, she didn't do it on purpose.) Still my condolences go out those who have lost friends and loved ones.

And now for something completely different, I decided to update my Highflyer concept art for a couple of reasons:

The first reason is that I realized my earlier concept art was inaccurate. Highflyer would not be caught dead in a mask and shirt that didn't match. He's a real stickler about that.

The second reason was that I wanted to get the design of his sleeve tattoos settled. He doesn't have the luxury Discord does of tattoos that can move around and change shape, so I can't have his sleeves looking different every time I draw him.

So without further ado, here is his updated concept art:

(Of course considering the fact that those eyeholes don't conform to the shape of his eyes, the realist in me keeps thinking that must play havoc with his vision, but that's how I draw them, so what can you do? *Shrugs*)

And now regarding 2017, I know this is the time a lot of people make New Year's Resolutions, but instead I'd like to start it by reciting a simple (but I think nonetheless profound) prayer my sister Mythcatcher wrote:

Dear Jesus,
Please help me to serve You in the place You've put me with the gifts You've given me.

And now with that in mind, I wish to thank all my wonderful readers, reviewers, and of course my editor for sticking with me this past year, and may you all be blessed in the next one.

Comments ( 4 )

Happy 2017 Sharkie!:D So sorry for my late reply, but hoped you had a great New Year's Eve:) It's okay that you didn't get Ponies who play on fire done this year, I mean, just look at me aka the girl that seriously needs to update on some chapters on stories:/ XD But this could, not only be our New Years resolution together, but also an opportunity for our readers to enjoy our stories "longer". LolXD Besides, you're better at updating than I am believe me;) Besides, we rather have you take your time and enjoy life than rushing on chapters & have you stressed.
D'ooohh, me likely new pic of Highflyer:D He's looking real good, good job:)
Wow Beverly is in the 100's:0 Good for him:D Praise also to Betty White and Tony Bennett in their 90's <3 May they reach to their 100's with Beverly:)
Random question(just to not overflow our PM): A reader left a comment on The Mare Who Became Queen about how Biblical Esther had a son and that he was Darius II. Is this true? Sorry my Old Testament is shaky and I know that's a Darius in the Bible but don't know the full details of his story. Would you mind giving me the 411?:P

Happy 2017 to you as well, Missy.
Thanks for the encouragement regarding taking a while to update, and glad to hear you like my new Highflyer art. (I still haven't done any pictures of his back tattoo yet. I should probably get on that at some point. We'll see.) Fun fact: the patterns in his sleeves are supposed to represent the four types of ponies.

Now onto your Bible-related question (And regarding our PM, I will respond to that later this week when I have more free time.):

The only Darius I remember being mentioned in the Old Testament, is Darius the Mede from the book of Daniel, and chronologically that's a good bit before Esther so I kind of doubt it's him. *Chuckles*

There wasn't anything in the book of Esther about her having a son, but your question prompted me to do some poking around and it seems that she did and he's the king who gives the Jews the go-ahead to go rebuild Jerusalem in the book of Ezra. (Though to be fair, sometimes it's a little confusing with person they're referring to, due to the fact that they have a couple of different names.)

So it seems that historically, yes, Esther and Xerxes did have a son, but the Bible itself doesn't really talk about it. *Grins and shrugs* Hey, it's 66 books written over thousands of years by multiple authors, all centered on one very important guy. I guess you have to cut something somewhere.

4365799 Oh by the way, speaking of Bible-related stuff, here's a Bible-related joke from Mythcatcher:

Q: What did the idolatrous priests say when God burned Elijah's altar?
A: "Ba'al out!"

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