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While I may look like a human, I am a Velociraptor at heart.

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    Even more Spider-Dash designs...

    So in my last blog post, I showed my designs for King Sombra as Mister Negative and the Storm King as the Kingpin of Crime, but a comment I got brought up the fact that my version of the Kingpin didn't look 'big' enough for the character he was playing. And I soon came to realise that one reason why that is might be because there was nothing to compare him to size-wise. So I drew up a scene where

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    Some new Spider-Dash villain designs!

    So...remember in my last blog post when I said that I was planning a major re-casting of the future villains in the story, where I replaced the mysterious Crystal King with Rex Storm, the Kingpin of Crime...while Sombra has become the supervillain known as Mister Negative? Well, here's a sneak peak at some

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    Potential re-cast of Spider-Dash villains!

    Have you ever had a great idea for something...but then later something comes along that is even better than what you first came up with? Well, that's basically where I'm at.

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  • 122 weeks
    A small birthday present from me...

    Look, today, the 28 of November is my 23rd birthday:pinkiehappy::yay:, and I would love to give you all a new chapter to read and stuff for this special day...but unfortunately, those are still not done yet:ajsleepy:.

    However, I can throw you a small bone and instead give you...THIS IMAGE!:pinkiegasp:

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    New prologue for Spider-Dash, along with a new name.

    As you may have noticed have the title of my story changed from 'The Awesome Spider-Dash' to 'The Awesome Spider-Dash: Origins', but that's not all that has been changed. The description and cover art is now a bit different as well.

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Spider-Dash update…about some changes · 12:52pm Dec 31st, 2016

I am almost finished with the next chapter, but…I would like to inform you that I have made some changes in some of the earlier chapters. Most notably have I removed any mentions that Starlight Glimmer was a senator. Now she is a scientist in charge of a rival company to CelestiaCorp called 'Glimmer Industries'.

The reasons for this change are several. One is that I hadn't actually decided what role Starlight would have in the story when I first mentioned she was a senator, and another is that after the very controversial election in the US happened, I really didn't want to touch upon anything remotely resembling American politics with a ten-metre-long pole.

Oh, I also changed the part where Cheerilee mentioned that the Scorpion was convinced to turn good, and changed it so that it was the Molten Man who did that. My reasoning there was because I originally had planned Skorpan to be the Scorpion…because…the name's similar, I guess. But then I actually found a role for the Scorpion as a villain for Spider-Girl later on. You'll see when I get there.

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Comments ( 3 )

.... sad. I actually can confirm Scorpion DID try to go good in the comics so it honestly wouldn't have been as far fetched as you might've thought.

4362541 Sure, but if that happens in this story it might be more interesting if it didn't happen just in the backstory.

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