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Eight years eight years 👁👄👁 ◈ Forget about coffee buy me a cup noodle.

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  • Today
    Fractures, Chapter 1: Bubble


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  • Friday
    Fractures drops tomorrow 👁👁

    was originally gonna release it on offprint, but it appears that there are still issues with story claiming/approval there right now.


    I'll be releasing Fractures firstly here on Fimfiction, as a chapter of What If much like previous story pitches (albeit in this case the full story will eventually be linked elsewhere). It will also be posted as a blog post here at the same time.

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  • Tuesday
    *notices new g5 lore about the origins of alicorns*

    *looks at ruins*

    yeah this fic's definitely in solid AU territory now lmao

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  • Monday
    six days 'til my 8th year on fimfic. 👁👁

    holy heck where'd the time go?

    So. Come June 10th, I'll have been here on Fimfiction for a whole eight years. Possibly nine, if you count the time before I made my account and kept track of stories using only the favorites bar of Internet Explorer. I'm pretty sure I do in fact still have those favorited stories in my imported favorites on Chrome.

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  • 1 week
    Fractures is now available in early-access on Patreon!

    At the moment, I plan to start posting Fractures publicly on June 10th over on Offprint, though I've already finished writing the first chapter as of yesterday. It's probably likely that there may be some small tweaks made to it before publishing, but if you wanna read my first original fiction story in ages, it's right there, right now!

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I'm ending this crazy year with an even crazier one shot! · 5:21am Dec 31st, 2016

One more day... :trixieshiftright:

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