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    LP: 8000 -----> 7800

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Princess Cadance: Miscarriage · 3:38am Dec 30th, 2016

Many people overreacted to my idea for Starfleet Season 5, my idea to torture Cadance (Have her become pregnant and then tragically miscarry after being struck hard in a battle by Shining Armor who is under control of the enemy)

Before I go any further… I wish this known!!

-I was never trying to make fun of people. Those of you who think I wished Miscarriage on somebody on Twitter, THAT IS NOT TRUE!! It turned out that person was a faker, who never suffered a miscarriage and was never put int he hospital (I google reversed the image) The person a bully looking for trouble. So in the end... I'm the innocent one.

All of you, and that person had no right to start conspiracies, tell lies to people, or much worse... try to get innocent people involved (One of my haters wanted to get a whole Deviant Art forum of ACTUAL mothers of stillbirth involved in this... Thankfully I was able to warn the group about all this and they blocked those haters before any trouble was given)

Bottom-line, to people who made such a big deal over this (Especially the troll who started all this)

It is ONE THING to put words in my mouth, twist everything I say, and bully me for your own cruel pleasures, it is SOMETHING ELSE entirely different and MUCH WORSE... to lie to other people about it (You were never pregnant... you never had a stillbirth... you post vlogs and lies about me and things I DIDN'T SAY AT ALL... posting a picture of a mongolian woman from a health hospital site that was taken in 2012 and saying I put you in the hospital)... and to top it all off, wanting to get REAL MOTHERS who had REAL STILL BIRTHS... and more innocent people involved in something that doesn't concern them... just because you want to pick at me.

...A fine kettle of fish!!

-I DO NOT think miscarriage/abortion is a wonderful thing, and do not support or like it at all (Yet its used in fiction anyway)

-I am just writing a fanfic, and it’s supposed to be part of the script (Just like a TV show or anything else)

-Despite that I am doing it solely to torture Princess Cadance out of spite, it does not mean at all that I am some monster of reality who wishes miscarriages on people. That is sick!

-I realize that people may feel reminded of miscarriages they or someone they knew had, but don’t get angry at me, AND I MEAN IT!! I’m not trying to be insensitive. In life things happen, and we can't just pretend that it doesn't or that not thinking about it won't make it happen, and that's just what the ponies must learn to face and accept... AGAIN (Friendship, Love, and Harmony will not save you this time)

-Though I torture Cadance mercilessly and plan to continue even after this, she is still just a cartoon, and in my fiction I can do what I want with her. She does not represent any portion, spirit or likeness to humanity in any way. IT’S JUST A FIC!! (What I do to her is not an equivalent of how I act or wish things in real life)

-Other TV shows and movies have shown miscarriages, stillbirths and abortions before. Though others have been horribly insensitive about it that is not what I am trying to do.

-MLP (Aware it is a kids show) does not teach us how to deal with problems and traumatic experiences, even as this one, all the more reason for me to add it to Starfleet. “It’s fact of life, and it happens. We cannot ignore it, and it should be made aware”

Long ago, before I wrote the original story and posted it on Deviantart, Not only did I warn people many months in advance I was going to do this, I also allowed one alternative... I allowed other viewers to decide, and I had polls...

The only one alternative than having Cadance miscarry. I could allow her to have the baby; however… it will cost Shining Armor his life!!

I do not like Princess Cadance, and nearly every single season I make has a dedicated time to torturing her out my spite and hatred for all the bad feelings and pain her character brings me, and she HAS to be tortured in season 5 SOMEHOW. IT’S THE RULE!!

Since people kept overreacting and bullying me over this miscarriage, I was willing to give them the choice...

-The Baby
-Or Shining Armor

Either way, ONE of them goes, and they DO NOT come back!

What do you... more people voted it be best if they BABY went.


It's right there in the comments.

Point is...

-It's just a fanfic
-I never wished Miscarriage on anyone, and did not put some wacko in the hospital (I proved it successfully)
-I realize people can get upset over this, but that's not exactly my problem (nor is the problem of producers who did it before) It doesn't even matter HOW it was portrayed. A Stillbirth/Miscarriage is PAINFUL... THERE IS NO GOOD WAY TO DO IT!!

All that said... "Get off my back"

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Sorry that happened.

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Truth be told if I was given that choice it would pick the baby too, more upsides to have shining alive then having the baby alive.

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