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Moving (Sorta) Accomplished... · 2:55am Dec 30th, 2016

So... There's still lotsa stuff to do... But all the big stuff is taken care of now... We're at the apartment. We have most of the big things set up, though the bed I share with Fiancé will need to wait a while, as one of the pieces of the foot board broke in transit, and therefore, we have no bed frame... :fluttershyouch: My drawers still need sorting through to figure out what goes to donations and what stays because Jinxy and I have both used these dressers as impromptu storage for not-clothes, but I'm not about to do that by my onesie and Jinxy's been working this week so maybe tomorrow? We'll see... :unsuresweetie:

On top of this, today is the first day we've actually had our internet back, despite it getting shut down at 6pm on Monday in preparation for the transfer... Bullshit excuses abounded. Originally, they were gonna send a tech out tomorrow, but Fiancé raised a stink enough that they said they'd try to send one out today... And oh hey! They were able to! Whaddyaknow?! :ajbemused:

MomCord's been super awesome; renting the truck for us to haul all our stuff to the apartment, purchasing stuff we need for the apartment like a dining room table + 3 chairs... and a comfy chair for me... Floor lamps and groceries... All that shiny stuff.

All that being said... I ache all over... But my shoulders are decidedly the worst off... I'm pretty sure that if you strapped a pair of jackhammers to my back and pummeled my shoulder blades to dust, it would hurt less for one thing and might actually be beneficial for another.

One fear I'm glad did not come to pass is that Duchess Spitfire and Miss Blazey have not lost their ever-loving minds over the move. The Kittehs have adjusted quite well to their new home.

Anyhow... I'm gonna try to find something to watch so I don't just PTFO here in the living room... If only because that'd likely cause even more problems for my back...

Cheers peeps!

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Comments ( 4 )

The kitties are fine I is the very happy. Sorry for you back I think most of us have been there (I'm an old man on the inside no joke) (my knees are hell a bad as well). Tr out

You named you're cats after Spitfire and Blaze? :rainbowlaugh:

I'm a 30+yo woman... stuck with all the joint problems of someone twice my age... while looking like I'm half my age.......
Nature has a freaking twisted sense of humor... :ajbemused:

The names fit the cats... Duchess Spitfire can be a bit aloof, but will take on her older housemate and win... Blaze is orange and a bit of a slut for attention... :scootangel:

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