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Boots The Cat · 1:48am Dec 30th, 2016

My mom and I found a little stray cay with white sock markings on its feet that we have been feeding table scraps. It is a grey cat with dark grey tiger stripes, a white underbelly, and white sock like markings on its feet. We've decided to call it Boots for this reason.

We found two local resources that provide free cat food; The Salvation Army and The Humane Society. So my mom and I are going to swing by so we can pick up some bags of catfood to feed the stray with.

I made a homemade litter box using an old tub and scraps of newspaper that I tore up to make the 'litter' so Boots has a place to use the bathroom when she comes to visit.

I am working on making a homemade collar, harness, and leash so I can take Boots for a walk.

My original cat Sugarland died last year at the old age of nineteen so it is good having another furry friend in the house. I'll take some pictures and share them when Boots stops by to visit again.

I am happy to have a new kitty friend around the apartment. I am always happy when Boots comes to visit. She is really sweet, friendly, and she loves to be pet. Yay for Boots the cat!

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Comments ( 45 )


That's so sweet!

4360819 I am happy that we were able to find a friend in our new little kitty. :)

4360821 I know right? Boots is the best. :rainbowkiss:

aww. you definitely have a kind heart Lyra :D

Kitties are always fun. If a bit.... Difficult at times.:twilightblush:

Tell her about me!:rainbowkiss:

Yes. I have a cat. He's a bit eccentric.:ajbemused:


Anyway, post pics when you can! I'd love to see her.:scootangel:

Nice :) If I were to get a new cat, I'd probably name it Killer Queen.

Aww! That is very sweet. I used to have a cat named Boots growing up, he died around Thanksgiving a few years ago.

Cats are the 2nd best animal.

Well it sure seems like you've found another avenue of joy mate.

4360903 That picture is so cute. XD

4360915 Thank you for the kind comment, my friend. :)

4360922 You have a kitty? What type is it and what is its name? You should share some pictures if you have any. XD

I will share a picture once I can get a good one of Boots. XD

4360940 That would be an awesome name for a cat. :pinkiehappy:

4360962 I am sorry to hear about your kitty. It's always hard to lose a pet. I know the feeling because I lost my cat Sugarland last year. :(

4361007 I lurve kitties. XD What is the first?

4361015 Yes indeed. It is good to have a new kitty friend in my life. :)

Congrats for having a new furry friend:pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:

4361187 Dogs are pretty awesome too. :)

4361270 Thank you very much. It is good having a furry little friend around. :)


Oh course Lyra. It's simply the truth :twilightsmile:

4361043 I'm sorry that happened :( *Hugs*

4361513 *huggles you* :pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:

4361569 D'aww that is nice of you to say. :)

4361578 It's okay. My cat lived a very long and happy life. Even though I am sad that he is gone I know it was his time and that now he is in a better place. :)

4361726 Many hugs and snuggles to you as well. :)

4361822 I feel the exact same about my kitty. :pinkiesad2:

4362138 Awww. Many hugs and snuggles to you my friend. :heart:

4361042 I think so :)

4365801 I appreciate the compliment. :)

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