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    Bringing Back the Laughter

    A serious Barcast collab, which I hope you all like if you’d take a read. :heart: I’m not much of a writer, not skilled at all, but this was really fun to write with the Barcast. I hope you all like it as I do.

    TBringing Back The Laughter
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    Been under two weeks so it’s all good. Hoping to get it even more frequent, because spamming people is fun.

    Personally, I’ve been doing okay. Been a bit busy lately, but not bad. Just getting through life the best I can. :twilightsmile:

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Ships and Favorites · 5:45am Dec 29th, 2016

What are your favorite ships and most hated ships? Also, who are your favorite ponies?

Loved ships:
- TwiDash (Twilight Sparkle x Rainbow Dash)
- AppleDash (Applejack x Rainbow Dash)
- FlutterDash (Fluttershy x Rainbow Dash)
- Diamond Bloom (Diamond Tiara x Apple Bloom)
- Spikity (Spike x Rarity)
- AppleLoo (Apple Bloom x Scootaloo)

Hated ships:
- Flash Sentry x anyone (I don't know what I have against him... I just don't like him. Plus, Twilight showed him some interest and she's supposed to love Rainbow Dash!)

Favorite Ponies:
- Princess Luna - She's nice, the Princess of night, loves the night (duh!) and has a dark past. She's just awesome.
-Rainbow Dash - She's 20% cooler then your average pony! And she's awesome.
-Scootaloo - We don't really know too much about her... I like that. It gives more fimfics. Plus she idolizes the most awesome pony ever!

So, if you guys want, tell me in the comments who your favorite ponies and ships are!

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