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Merry Christmas Everyone! · 1:45am Dec 26th, 2016

Okay... So as it turns out, I am going to be on today... er tonight after all. First off, I've hope you had a very happy Christmas Morning, (Hell, I was so excited I didn't get to sleep till 6:45 in the morning) and had some very good quality time with your families. Got to spend Christmas Eve with my sister, brother-in-law and niece last night, ate dinner and listened to some Christmas Music (Some good, (Trans-Siberian Orchestra rocks!) some bad. Never knew how many bad versions of the twelve days of Christmas there were, but the worst of all was the redneck version. God, that was almost borderline offensive.) Anyways, got up this morning at 11:44, watched Doctor Who's "The Christmas Invasion" as I always do every year, and just waited for my parents to get up to unwrap each other's gifts.

Here's what I got:

(And before you ask, no that is not me wearing it. I do not look as nearly as cool as that dude.) Got a 25 dollar gift card from my dad, which allowed me to purchase some extreme sales on gems on my MLP Gameloft Game, getting me enough gems to buy even Princess Celestia herself, who was half off!:yay: (Also got Discord, Wild Fire and Shining Armor among others.) Also, got two Funko figures.

Got another figure, although this one is my personal favorite (Yes, something even better than Discord. Pigs shall now start flying.)

Believe me, seeing that as a gift just made my day. But there was one thing I really hoped to get, but did not have high hopes for, and yet against all odds, my sister found the money and got THIS for me.

Mind you, it's missing a few pieces, so there's a big gaping hole in the Sphinx's left side, and the crumbling obelisk isn't as nearly as tall as it should be, but the parts themselves should be easy enough to find replacements for, and honestly, I'm not surprised as it is over a decade old by this point. Anyways, it wasn't all gifts today, lit up some candles in paper bags and lined the yard with them (Some burnt down, but honestly I was half expecting that to happen with the wind blowing. Nothing lit on fire but the bags themselves thankfully.) Also, spent some time with the neighbor across the street and brought them some dinner. Also, talked about our cats and their quirks. Let me tell you, never laughed so hard in my entire life. So, that was my Christmas. What was yours like?

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Comments ( 3 )

I had a wonderful Christmas day with my family. Though I would had wish I'd received some tranquillizer shots, my niece and nephew are always a handful.

I see you have received some nice presents. I on my side received notably a Smart watch, The Last Guardian and a bottle of Rum.

I had a good Christmas too I got to spend time with my family and I got money, a few knives, a very nice Resistol Cowboy Hat, a hat that used by one of the Ingen guards in the movie Lost World Jurassic Park from eBay. Nice gifts you got btw.

That's really cool man! :pinkiehappy: I'm glad you had a merry Christmas. :twilightsmile: I had quite a good one myself.

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