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Merry Christmas! · 8:05pm Dec 25th, 2016

What's up, everyone?

Merry Christmas! I hope each of you has a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

And just for fun....

(Wake up Christmas morning next to... Soarin.) :twilightoops: Woah. *looks at empty carton of eggnog before looking at Soarin.* Uhh.... let us never speak of this again.

As for writing updates, if you guys read my birthday blog, you'd know that I haven't done much for writing. But I have gotten some writing for the next chapter of Equestria Girls: Left for Dead done. It's not finished yet, but there's more than what it was before I started. In it, we'll see the first appearance of a few more characters and the return of Adagio Dazzle along with her sisters. But will she be a smoker like they are? Or will she be something else?

Don't worry. No one is gonna die in this next one.

Full steam ahead, my fellow bronies and pegasisters.
- Harms Way


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Comments ( 9 )

Scootaloo invites you over for christmas dinner.

I am so ok with this.

"Wake up Christmas morning next to Diamond Tiara."

Enjoy a romantic sleigh ride with Princess Luna? Nice:pinkiehappy:

Today's your birthday? Well happy birthday to you. :twilightsmile:

Merry Christmas Harms Way.

Merry Xmas Harms!


Give a gift to... Diamond Tiara
Can that gift be me shooting her with a 12 gauge?

Merry Christmas, my dude.

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