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Happy Hearth's Warming Eve and stuff · 12:16pm Dec 25th, 2016

The 'and stuff' is just some updates on my productivity (or lack thereof).

I'm planning on shoving out some updates to my Ingress stories. Already did two for consort. Next two planned are Fraternization and Nightmares. I also have plans to write out more affliction! I'm just waiting on the inspiration to continue Chitin's Story, as the two of them kinda need to update in concert or I'll go crazy trying to keep everything straight :pinkiecrazy:

Also in the tubes is that Octavia story I started on and then forgot about, tilted 'Ingress: Symphony'. I'd offer a link to the gdocs WIP but like, it's adult and I don't know how many children are reading this and :fluttershbad:

Knighty. Why in the ACTUAL FUCK can't we have adult-rated blogs where we can write about whatever we want to and ask dumb r-rated questions without fearing the banhammer? I mean, JesusCelestia.

Also, still waiting on that Royal Guard Tag! Remember when they said we'd be getting that? I do.

A bit hypocritical coming from ME of all people, but still!

Anyhow, happy Hearth's Warming Eve

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Comments ( 5 )

Royal Guard AND Night Guard.

Gods I've been waiting forever for the guards tag. Think it's some kind of running joke they got going?

"We're adding them never eventually:trollestia:"

Do the planned Ingress updates include Diamond's story, or is that one on a slower burn than the rest?

4361898 It's included! Just that one is in a rougher what with being a mood-only piece and me not being sure exactly how to continue it right now. I'll figure it out :twilightsmile:

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