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Post 201 ~ Merry Christmas · 12:25am Dec 25th, 2016

UK time that is...

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Merry Christmas, TSA! :rainbowkiss:

Merry Christmas thingy to you as well.:pinkiehappy:


Merry Christmas then

Merry Christmas.

Same here! I didn't know you were in the UK.:pinkiehappy:

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!:pinkiehappy::yay::heart:

Merry Christmas to you as well.

merry christmas:pinkiehappy:

4357358 Oh, cool. Wait... you go to Sheffield University?

4357364 Sheffield Hallam, it used to be a polytechnic but it's a good University now. I did consider going to Sheffield though.

4357358 Love you too, hope your stocking was stuffed with all kinds of goodies on Christmas.

4357380 Oh, it is. They were two of my prospective schools. We could've been neighbors, but we're still pretty close.:rainbowkiss:

4359687 Lovely. I've never been but I've only heard good things.

4361428 Oh, it's nice. Still need to readjust to the weather, but it is a lovely place. You should come visit sometime.:rainbowlaugh:

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