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Just someone who read a fic and loved it, and now I'm stuck wanting to read more.I might even try to write a story or two.

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The Three Harmonies (will be updated over time) · 9:58pm Dec 22nd, 2016

This post will be about the three versions of Harmony I made and the world they inhabit. To those who want to know more about the world they live in. Also each version has their own name and background stories because I pretty much had them made but change my mind on what kind of story I wanted to write. (There will be some spoilers so you know.)

Also if anyone wants to use any of these ideas, tell me I would love to see what you would do with them.:twilightsmile:

Rose Harmony

Rose creation came upon a sudden idea to use a dragon/pony hybrid or a kirin as they will be called in this story. This idea came about when I was looking at some dark souls pics and thinking of using some of their weapons designs for the story. However when I saw a pic of Priscilla I thought of a new design for Harmony.

This ended up making my 3rd Harmony, named Rose after my cat who died several years ago. Rose character is... weelll mental yeah lets say mental. She isn't insane per se but close enough that when it shows people can tell that there's something deeply wrong with her. I can't put too much details in yet but I will when I write more in story later on.

Rose's World

Before the two alicorn sisters came to rule, before Discord's reign of chaos, before the founding of Equestria or even the winter that chase the ponies from their homeland. Back when there was more then three pony tribes, back when the many races mistrusted each other and fought to keep their bloodlines pure of the inferior races.

During this dark time a new race appeared. They were the Kirin children Dragons and Ponies. They were weaker then dragons but made up for it with their pony half magic, the ponies magic was stronger but they made up for it with their dragon half strength. They were balance in a way that they could overcome their weakness with the power of their other half. Despite being so few they were able to overcome trials and threats set before them.

The dragons and ponies were shock to learn that members of their races got together and gave birth to these creatures. These 'insult' to their names and families bloodlines. The dragons were the first to attack the kirins. Their reason when ask was "they didn't want anything weak sharing their blood." The kirins fought hard against the dragons and eventually gain the approval of their dragon cousins to the dismay of the ponies.

The pony tribes gathered together to discuss the kirin threat. The unicorn, pegasi and the earth ponies were dead set on hunting down all kirin. The sea ponies, flutter ponies, bat ponies(AKA Thestral) and crystal ponies were against this idea. The three larger tribes would say that it was their duty to end these monster. While the other four would say that none of these kirin had their blood in them. There were no sea, crystal, bat or insect kirins anywhere. The pegasi tried to say the winged kirin were from thestral decent, but this claim was easily shot down when pointed out that they had dragon wings and their magic was more like pegasi than thestral.

The Kirin

Kirin are pony/dragon hybrids and depending on their pony/kirin parent or ancestors could affect what kind of kirin they are. Like ponies, kirins can be divide into four different kinds(If you only count unicorn, pegasi, earth pony, and alicorn). The Magi kirins, the Sky kirins, the Earth kirins and the Nephilim.

The magi kirin or Qilins are the unicorn counterparts of their race. They usually have at least one horn or more and a keen sense for magic. To overcome unicorns whose magic was stronger by default, they created runes to amplify their abilities in different ways.

The sky kirin or Longma are the pegasi counterparts of their race. Unlike the pagasi the longma don't need their magic to fly. Their dragon like wings are large enough allow them to fly without the use of magic. However despite having lilith like bodies they are still heavier than pegasi. Making them a bit slower in the air.

Earth kirin like their earth pony counterparts prefer to keep their simple name rather than have a new one. Physically the earth kirin are superior than earth ponies. The only thing the earth ponies have over earth kirins is their earth related magic being stronger.

Nephilim are the alicorn equivalent of the kirin race. The few nephilim that exist today are related to the God Emperor of Neighpan in someway. He was the first of the nephilim. His mother was a alicorn while his father was a dragon. Like alicorns, nephilim has magic belonging to the other kirin-kind and their own unique magic. Besides having wings, horns, and the body of a earth kirin, they have a bladed tail like a dragon. Its hard to tell if a alicorn is stronger or weaker than a nephilim, however it is said that alicorns have a stronger connection to the ethereal realm than nephilim.

Dragonborn are a rare breed of kirin, who, instead being born like ponies or other kirin do, are hatch through eggs. No one knows why a rare few kirin are born this way. But it is know that a dragonborn kirin is dangerous. They could hatch as infants or if they remain in their eggs for decades they could emerge as full grown adults. A dragonborn develops mentally faster than other kirin and their racial magic is as strong as ponies and in some case surpasses them. When a kirin laid a egg it was consider bad luck so they would abandon them. When the God Emperor learn of this he immediately put a stop to this. After learning that a warlord who was terrorizing a town, was in fact a child who was born as a egg. God Emperor ask the warlord how he knew that that town was his birthplace. And he responded "I was aware of my surroundings since I was an egg. I could hear and see everything around me and learn from it. I saw how my mother curse me. Saying that they should just smash my egg and be done with me." Hearing this, the God Emperor launch a investigation in this acts to prevent anymore lost of life. It also became apparent that a dreagonborns have a easier time becoming nephilim than other kirin.

Knightmare Harmony

Knightmare was born when I wanted to make Iris's world darker. However when I did Iris didn't have the kind of power to survive the battles that would ensue. So I made her an alicorn from the beginning instead, however this means that Iris had to do more questionable things then normally and had other problems to deal with. This got to a point where I had no doubt in my mind that Iris would've killed herself in a darker world like this. So this force me to reinvent her core character, from someone who would fight for her friends, family and beliefs. To someone who do the same but didn't have anyone to care about in the beginning but learn to care for others later on.

Like Iris Knightmares body was made from the DNA from the bearers, however one more element was added to make her/him a more powerful alicorn then Celestia. Nightmare Moon's DNA (AKA Luna). As the result Knightmares cutie mark was a cross between the sun and the moon. ( I will put a picture of it up when I drew it.)

Knightmare's World

In this world Celestia pretended to be kind and caring in front of the public. The truth was she was cruel and uncaring towards others and wanted to rule by herself but couldn't with Luna around. So she had several of her servants spread rumors saying she was evil. When Luna became mental and attack Celestia she believed she could easily kill her however she learned that Luna was more powerful than her. With the elements she thought she could kill Luna but in-fact sealed her away, and when the elements touch Celestia mind they saw how corrupted she became and severed their bond.

Years would pass and Celestia would slowly remove any trace of Luna from the world so when she would return no one believe that she has any claim to the throne and anything relating to Celestia misdeeds. When Twilight wielded the elements Celestia hope that they would kill Luna, but they only weaken her and mess with her memories of how she became Nightmare Moon to protect her.

The tree of harmony had plans to remove Celestia from power. By creating a new ailcorn of the sun and protector of ponykind by using Luna's and the bearer DNA. Hence the name 'Knight'mare. A knight born from a nightmare to end a nightmare.

Iris Harmony

Iris was my first attempt to make a OC by taking trait from the mane six. This left her a little bland for my taste which I would later fix. She would have been born from the DNA of the bearers when the elements were returned. Her story would have been the more happy version out of the three if I say so anyway.

Iris's World

Will be updated in time

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