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Lexual Favors: Horror Edition · 9:20pm Dec 22nd, 2016

"Lapidify", by Impossible Numbers.

I don't read much horror on this site. Part of it is that I am squeamish, part of it is that ponies are my happy place and I don't like to delve too dark with them, and part of it is that horror can often be, well, lazy. Turning Rainbow Dash into a chainsaw-wielding maniac is easy, cheap cognitive dissonance drama. It takes a special story to do horror well while simultaneously never stepping far out of the canon-established facts of the universe. Check out Lapidify for some claustrophobic pony horror done the right way. It deserves far more attention than it's gotten thus far.

That is all for today.

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Ooo been wanting to read something horrifying and well written. Thanks!

I shy away from pony horror for the same reasons… but on that recommendation I'll have to check Lapidify out!

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