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A day in the life · 10:33pm Dec 21st, 2016

:ajsmug: Evening everyone

:applejackunsure: Today's a different one for sure, this being the only chapter to focus on a character we really know very little about. Uncle Orange was a basket case that went off the deep end and didn't come back until he'd done horrible, horrible things to everypony around him and finally broke down when it was his brother that saved his life. He knows a lot, but he's not sure if what he knows lines up with what he can see. A strange feeling of doubt and worry are starting to spin in in his mind, his only escape being the appointment later in the day with somepony he never wanted to see again. Out and about, we learn about his 'replacement' power for lack of a better term as he makes his meandering trip to the station. Finally on the train, he meets a young mare who's unusually friendly and matches the description of a character he doesn't know.
The next chapter, or really half of this one, will be almost entirely spent focusing on our heroine's guardian and the one he doesn't want to see. Explanations will be found under a game of who can trick who into saying what, or worse, plant information to create paranoia. A twist of fate and two characters meet, realizing somepony else has a similar power. Look forward to it.

:derpytongue2: Are you happy now? I finally put Dash in the story. I was gonna do this from the beginning, but only now did I finally get a reason to show what she does in the world. When I started writing that part of the chapter, I actually put 'HR' for her job title for a good few lines in before I remembered what the H in HR stood for. I fixed that promptly and went on my merry way. I made it to the halfway point (where this chapter ends) and realized just how long the chapter was actually going to be once Blood finally made it to his appointment, so I decided that was a good place to cut it. I still have to set up Tin city for later use and give a better image of Argent HQ before Rarity makes a trip here in a later chapter.
Then comes the conversation. I am going to make it as much of a mental and literal chess game as I can, so I hope you're prepared for that. It may end up reminiscent of a certain Code Geass episode. Especially with the whole 'mind feeling' thing. It's part of the current chapter, but I almost want to call the next one A game of shadows. But, I'll reserve that title for later. it should come in handy down the line when I get things nice and defined for the rest of Arc 3. Still don't know how long that's actually going to be, but here's hoping that I can meet my goal and finish Super before it becomes a year old.

:applejackconfused: I've been drawing almost every day now, with my latest works being Applejack in costume and her doing some good ol' Jojo Poses. After I finish the poses, I figure that I can't really just keep drawing her in poses and expect to make the comic, so I'm just going to go forward and JUST DO IT! I'm hoping I can get a page done by this time next week, but I expect that I'll work faster than that. Goal: Have a page out by next Wednesday's update. With that in mind, I've still got Jotaro and Joseph's poses to do, so the comic comes after I have Marevelous in the most manly poses known to muscle bound men.

:pinkiecrazy: Well, that's all from me today. Now I'm off to draw and think out just how I'm going to have two characters try to get into each other's heads while only telling one side's perspective.
TL:DR Not only does this chapter focus on Blood Orange, but it also shows off his current power, a bit of Dash's life and back story and sets up the serious mind games about to happen.
Until Next time

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