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Love's always in season and love is love. The world is changing and everyone has a view.

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  • 38 weeks
    Hola friends

    Ah, it's been so so long since I've been here, well writing that is, I've come to let you guys know a close friend of mine has taken her time in writing a story, so far it's been incredible! I do hope you guys would do me the honour and check her story out? She doesn't know how the site works and really doesn't know how to get her story out there, thanks!

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  • 126 weeks

    Soooo, I'm on wattpad, done the first part of an original story...

    Check it out?

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  • 155 weeks

    Me Channel, Overwatch for the winnn Take a look hope u like

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  • 158 weeks

    Chapter Two of my story Me extra├▒aste? is coming, the last part is being tweaked and will be up very soon! Now since ive finished high school i have more time for stories! Yeah Yeah!!!

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  • 162 weeks
    Im litually scared

    If you havent heard, there was a bomb that went of at an Ariana Grande concert in manchester and 19 people died and over 50 people was injured. The 22nd was when me, my friend Alex and my friend Amy booked to go see Ariana but unfortunatly all the seats were booked and only had single seats spead out across the arena. The seats we were looking at were ones RIGHT NEXT TO THE EXPLOSION what if we

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HB · 7:37pm Dec 21st, 2016

Happy Birthday to someone special out there :twilightsmile:

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Comments ( 13 )

4349588 but its someone who i like... it her birthday today yey

Ooh. Mysterious.

4349594 Posted almost the same last year on her birthday haha

4349630 Hmmm... Queen BH?

4349701 ... It's either AH or HM... unless there's someone else we don't know about... Or it's someone on this site...:duck:

4349711 AH? I don't think I've ever spoken about someone called AH, unless ur thinking of AS cause if you are then ur right

4349718 I meant AS. Dammit, too much Youtube.:derpytongue2: Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HER!!!:yay::pinkiehappy:

4349725 I KNOWWW haha i get u though

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