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    Scenarch Wanderlust-fest 18: I Almost Forgot A Picture Today

    Fitting image for such an occasion.

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    Three Story Previews.

    With the western in the works (though I am waiting for my girlfriend to come up so we can throw ideas back and forth as we hang out), I decided to write two other stories. One based on an idea that I had a few weeks ago and another to help cheer me up after a horrible nightmare involving me putting my dog down. Hit the jump to read previews for 'em.

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    Movie Review: Tomb Raider

    It was fucking dull, a drag, and Alicia Vikander made for a truly boring Lara Croft. I dunno how representative this movie is of the game series, but I sincerely hope it isn't too accurate because holy shit. I cannot remember the last time I went on an adventure that was this damn boring.

    Rating: D-

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    Scenarch Wanderlust-fest 16: The Land Below


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New One-shot Up! · 7:06pm Dec 20th, 2016

Coupcakes! I did my best to make this the best story possible.

It's also the last one-shot for the year, so please enjoy! And leave a comment telling me what you all thought!

Report Vertigo22 · 65 views · Story: Coupcakes · #New story #one-shot #yay!
Comments ( 6 )

It is not the best story, there are better. Get to work on a better one. We need the awesomeness.

4348517 Well, next up on my list is the conclusion to the Cockroach trilogy.

Truthfully, I wrote Coupcakes mainly as an exercise in fight sequences.

The other reason being I really wanted to use the title.

Anyways, I promise to make the roach conclusion as amazeballs as humanly possible.


Anyways, I promise to make the roach conclusion as amazeballs as humanly possible.

But you are inhuman! Do it inhumanly possible!:trollestia:

4348550 How am I inhuman, good sir?

Last I checked, I'm not from a comic book. :raritywink:

No human could be half as funny as you.:scootangel:

4348666 Wow... that put a big smile on my robotic face.

Thank you very much!

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