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    Epilogue - Author's Notes

    tl;dr: The color of a Unicorn’s magic is as unique as one of our finger prints. To see a room colored just so would be reassuring to a Unicorn in trouble.


    The Friendship Express: sometimes I forget just how young the target age is for this show.

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    The Southern Orchard - Author's Notes

    tl;dr: Don’t buck apple trees if you’re tired. You’re liable to pull something.


    What would it be like to not cast a shadow? Hold your hand up over your face to block the sun. Can you still see the light source? If so, how do you see through your hand? If not, how is the skin immediately around your eyes illuminated? I mean, magic, sure. But how?


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    Mini Guide: Getting Featured

    Getting a story featured is a combination of reader count, likes vs. dislikes, age, and momentum. This means get lots of readers fast, and get them to like and comment. For subsequent chapters, you want the original readers to watch and favorite the story so they’ll be notified right away when you update.

    How to get lots of readers fast:

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    Do not Fuck with Apples - Author's Notes

    tl;dr: There’s a reason there’s only one apple farm in all of Ponyville, and it ain’t because they’re lacking in space or demand.


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  • 264 weeks
    Betrayal - Author's Notes



    I’m nervous. I’m really nervous. Not about Chapter 14 — that’s easy. Slam Dunk. Straight Value. I’m scared because I’m not finished Chapter 15 and I’ve only got a month left. It’s gotta be good. It’s gotta carry its weight. It’s gotta follow Chapter 14 — a tough requirement if ever — and I’m not sure that it does, yet.

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The Librarian - Author's Notes · 11:19pm Dec 19th, 2016

tl;dr: Y’all think Daring Do has a thing for getting tied up, restrained, bound, or shackled? And, if so, how would she feel seeing Rose hogtie somepony else?


Daring Do: It’s not my first Rodeo:

Daring Do’s first rodeo


Show of hands: how many of you expected Midnight Oil to doublecross the heroes? How many hoped she would?


This chapter was a bit of a challenge for me. I think it and Chapter 5 were my least favorite, though I can’t quite nail down why. Like, I’ll happily reread Breaking Through, Infernal Blast, or Silly Filly until I pass out, but I haven’t spent much time in here. Who knows?

That does of course mean I like the upcoming chapter(s), which implies you will too. Chapter 13 Hype!


If you have a friend or partner that trusts you, you too can learn the rear naked choke. You wrap your arm around the neck of your “test subject” so that their windpipe is in the crook of your elbow—with no pressure applied there. Instead pressure is applied on either side of the neck, where the main arteries to the head are located. You should have the inside of your upper arm and forearm pressing against the test subject’s neck. Then wrap that hand in the crook of your other elbow and squeeze. The test subject should pass out within 5 seconds.

In real life, the test subject will regain consciousness within seconds of being released. I took some artistic liberties.

There are excellent videos on how to apply the rear naked choke hold. Be safe!


They still have their saddlebags, right? So long as they didn’t go flying off during Infernal Blast, it should be okay.


Can’t they just squeeze out?


The next chapter, titled either Betrayal or Don't Fuck with Sparkles, will be posted in two weeks. Am I audacious enough to name it that?

With assistance from Daetrin. Cover art by Foxinshadow. Alternate cover art by Diremuffin.


Comments ( 3 )

I expected Midnight to betray them :pinkiehappy: .

I was open. But I didn't expect her to be a mastermind, more a "Stockholm syndrome" case, like, oh jk I like him more... *goes into personal thought cave* a person fakes Stockholm syndrome to get back to their gang...* Can I steal -- er, borrow -- this for a future story/script? :scootangel:

EDIT: and by "this" I don't mean your entire story, but just the thought above.

Of course she was going to betray them! That's the trope of the genre!

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