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  • 104 weeks
    I finally did a thing.

    Got the game in April and I finally finished this darn alolan pokedex.

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  • 114 weeks
    Watch for Rolling Rocks in Half an A Press.

    (Taken from a reddit copypasta which was a transcription of this video)

    In this video, I'll be explaining exactly what I do to collect Watch for Rolling Rocks in 0.5 A presses.

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  • 140 weeks
    Perfect Idea

    I'm bored.

    Wait! I have an idea!

    I'm gonna annoy everyone with this useless blog post. Have a good day.

    (I feel like people are going to take this the wrong way so I'm gonna say that this is directed at nothing and no one.)

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  • 159 weeks

    The 8/8 Amphibious Frenzy Afterlife menace.

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  • 160 weeks
    I can't sleep.

    Guys, I love my life right now.

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I've got a girlfriend · 10:31pm Dec 19th, 2016

The title says it all.

This is one of the happiest days of my life.

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Comments ( 8 )

Well done I'm currently trying to win the heart of Amy Rose actually...

Woot! And who might this lucky girl be?

4346798 Thank you.
4346877 Good luck!
4347161 I know right?
4347826 Chloe, A girl in my school.

4347833 I'm about fifty steps away from where you are in relationships

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