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My Thoughts — Leap of Fate · 2:56pm Dec 18th, 2016

I know I can be rather rambly in these, but this time I think I can keep it short and sweet.

Do you like Binding of Issac, but think it got a bit stale after the millionth hour? Or like the concept, but the poop, tears and naked babies aesthetic got too much?

Very flashy, good production values, and some really neat abilities and spells. I especially like the mission system that lets you feel like you're making real progress even when a single run goes south.

About the only real complaint I have that it hasn't gotten the near insane amount of post release content and expansions that Binding has (yet, hopefully), so it won't take you long to see every enemy, spell, ability and character. An unfair comparison, I know, but thought it deserved mention since both games (at least Rebirth) share the same 14,99€ price point.

Available though Steam. I'd highly recommend this one if you like... well, Binding of Issac style rouge-lites.

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Is permadeath? and afterbirth+ is coming out soon as well as fan made project anti birth:

I love poop and tears and Edmund Mcmillen's interpretation of christianity: game is about the guilt he felt while he was a child, his family were originally alcoholics, who later converted deeply into christianity and made Edmund always feel guilty. The game is his answer to hypocrisy of people.

It is also one of the best heretical pieces I have ever seen.


Is permadeath?

Sort of.

There's this persistent 'karma' currency you can use 100 of once per playthrough to come back to life if you die, (and sometimes in the store for extra powerful deals) and the fourth character, Rasimov, has this special gimmick that he can use once per level to avoid death once.

But, yeah, once you bite it a second time or run out of karma coins, you have to restart. That's why I praised the mission system, since it lets you make progress without actually winning every run.

and afterbirth+ is coming out soon as well as fan made project anti birth:

Haven't gotten around to buying Rebirth yet, but Antibirth really looks interesting. Thanks for the tip.

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