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  • Tuesday
    This Will Never Not Be Funny (And writing updates!)

    I've somehow managed to keep writing and Division 2 kinda sorta balanced. By that, I mean that D2 hasn't sapped my creative streak that's been going on for about two weeks now.

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  • 6 days
    Balancing Games and Writing Sucks

    Division 2 is pretty amazing so far.

    My continued creative burst with DVJ is also amazing.

    Having to drop both to go to work? Not so amazing.

    You know, for someone who hasn't called off in over 16 months, calling off is really fucking tempting sometimes.

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    I've Realized Something About Season 9

    Once everything is said and done, we are probably going to have a lot of Top Lists.

    Like, a lot.

    Top 10 Episodes, Top 10 Songs, Top Three Twilight Episodes, Top Three Rainbow Dash Episodes...

    You get my point.

    And it'll be glorious.

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    My 40th Story

    I know I swore to Celestia that I would update both stories before starting my next DVJ one, but the thing is...

    Celestia is just a fake cartoon horse sun god. She can't possibly smite me if I don't do what I say I will.

    So yeah, 'Picking Yourself Up' is my 40th story here on Fimfiction, and I'm pretty damn proud of that.

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  • 1 week
    Brainstorming Another DVJ Fic...

    But I'm going to get updates out for Glimmer of the Past and Immigrant Griffon first, I swear to Celestia.

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Rogue One · 11:14am Dec 18th, 2016

I forget how old I was when mom first introduced my sister and I to the Star Wars trilogy. It had to be when I was around 8 or 9.

There was no looking back of course. She had opened the floodgates that countless toys, books, and games would pass through. Even though my opinion of them has soured just a tad in recent years, going to see each of the prequels in theaters was special, especially the midnight release of Episode III which remains one of my favorite Star Wars memories.

Though Brady has replaced mom as my movie partner, the trips to the theater for Star Wars haven't stopped being special. In retrospect, Episode VII didn't do much for me; it is the only Star Wars film I have not gone to see multiple times in theaters, and it is also the only film I have not bought on physical media.

But last night, it was like I was eleven again.

Since I have played an Old Republic-era Sith Warrior online for the last five years, you might assume that I think no Star Wars story is complete without all that swoosh-swoosh-death goodness.

Not true.

Put quite simply; if I remove the lightsaber combat acrobatics from the equation, then Rogue One is the greatest Star Wars film I have ever seen. It was very nearly everything I wanted out of it. Bravo, Disney.

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I really wanna check it out now. I've heard its a more gritty, less lightsabery movie. Kind of like if Battlefront was a video game, and showing the WAR part of Star Wars

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