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"Through darkened skies and malevolent eyes, my journey never dies"-Skaltrox Orthuris: Knight of Defiance

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  • 177 weeks
    I finally watched Legend of Everfree ...and now I have some ideas.

    Hello everyone, I'd like to start off with saying. After unintentional delays, I have finally watched the 4th EG movie!:yay:

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    3 comments · 336 views
  • 183 weeks
    Sudden idea for a story.

    Now I was just pondering ideas for a new story and I thought of a really good one to go with. I can't tell much as of yet, but it involves King Sombra and Spike and It will be called "Regenerate". You may see the first chapter later on today, I'm gonna get on to it when I have the window of time to write.

    1 comments · 231 views
  • 184 weeks
    A Challenge story

    I've seen on here about some story being made through a challenge. These challenge's vary in how they run through, but I decided to go with one variation. A three parter.

    So basically you choose from three random sections: a genre, a plot and a character or more to be in that story.

    And then I need to make a story that has all three in it.

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  • 185 weeks
    Starlight and Starlight

    Just let this happen. One of the songs off the VERY brand new Album by Starset called Vessels.

    When I first saw the name of this song I just went, yep I'm gonna do a blog post with the song showing the same name as one of my favourites from the show.

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  • 185 weeks
    I'm back

    As it says above. I wasn't able to really reply or write anything over these past few days since I was away for my sister's wedding. But anyway I'm finally back.
    But now I need to just go over some really frustrating comments on Lavender heart.

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    17 comments · 243 views

My first entry: Starting first story · 10:17am Dec 16th, 2016

Ok, nothing too major to say except I have just created my account here, i enjoy the show and a lot of the stories on this site. I intend to start my first story probably tomorrow (my time) and it most likely will be action based. So if you want something else you may want to turn some place else, that is all

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