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The Dead Are Not Silent · 6:43am Dec 15th, 2016

[10:26:12 PM] Poshy Woshy: I have this dream.
[10:26:15 PM] Poshy Woshy: It's the same one every night.
[10:26:41 PM] Poshy Woshy: I ascend into heaven at the end of my life, draped in a white sheet. My skin is shining and iridescent as the sun's rays wash over me.
[10:27:30 PM] Poshy Woshy: I arrive at a gate wrought from gold and ivory, in front of which a white-robed figure stands. His head is covered in his hood, and I can't see his face. A light, brighter than any in the heavens, obscures it from my vision.
[10:27:56 PM] Poshy Woshy: But I know that this person is my friend, that he is here to welcome me to the next world. I walk toward him, my hands outstretched, and he takes my hands in his, clasping them tightly.
[10:28:45 PM] Poshy Woshy: He guides me into the gates, and down a boulevard of clouds. Stunning mansions line the road on both sides. I hear laughter, and song, and smell roasting meats and spun sugar on the air. I am warm, loved, at peace.
[10:30:04 PM] Poshy Woshy: Until I am guided to a chair in front of a crude wooden desk where a computer hums contentedly away. I am made to sit down, and forced to stare at the document opened on the computer's monitor.
[10:30:37 PM] Poshy Woshy: It is chapter thirteen of Pony Gear Solid. Every page in the document is a boulder being rolled up a hill. As the chapter goes on, the boulder rises higher and higher, but it never reaches the top. It never does.
[10:31:08 PM] Poshy Woshy: I ask my friend, the hooded man, what happens when it does reach the top. He laughs at me, and casts off his hood, and snarls that it will roll to the bottom of the hill, and I will begin the process all over again.
[10:31:36 PM] Poshy Woshy: I see his face and I recoil, shrieking. It's DannyJ. Heaven's watchman is my editor. And he is laughing in my face as the grim reality settles in.
[10:32:08 PM] Poshy Woshy: Even after death, I will never be finished with this chapter. The writing goes on. And on. And on. And behind me, the editor snickers, and varnishes the wooden piano leg of irony.
[10:32:34 PM] Poshy Woshy: I wake in a cold sweat, and I turn my face into my pillow, halfway hoping to drown in my own tears. Halfway, I said, because I know that, should I drown, my torment will not truly end.
[10:32:46 PM] Poshy Woshy: But enough about me; what's new with you?
[10:33:09 PM] Daniel Jay: PUT SNAKE ON THE STAIRS.

In case anyone was worried that I wasn't working on the new chapter or that I was going to vanish on you for another two years. Respectively, I am, and I'm not. It's just that this chapter is exceptionally frustrating in a way that neither of the previous two were, and most of the time, when I sit down to write it, I end up yelling at my monitor a lot. also I got so frustrated yesterday that I accidentally broke my mouse, but luckily I have more spares than I know what to do with. And I keep wanting to release preview excerpts just to emphasize that it is being written, but everything after the first page or two of the document is incredibly spoilery.

But don't worry. I'm here. I'll keep coming.

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Author Interviewer

amazing XD

Ah yes, I've been stuck in the "no matter what I write it isn't good enough. Do over!" cycle before. Wish I had some decent advice, but I'll admit the only way I ever got through was to accept the fact that I already wrote myself into a corner and publish something I'm not happy with just so I can move on. Maybe the situation is different for you than it was for me. Regardless, all I can do now is wish you best of luck in this Sisyphusian task!


But probably not all that bad, under the circumstances.

Worst case scenario, I'll have to cut out the ending and the chapter will abruptly finish with Chrysalis flying off with Metal Gear never to be seen or heard from again. While coughing ominously.

4340533 amazing enough to make the Royal Canterlot Library again???

One of these days you should post the original conversations that all our weird stupid in-jokes come from.

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