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    Rock and Stone! Some writing prompts on the side

    So update from last time. I managed to find a new job by pure chance, and how I got hired is a tad strange to me. So I was walking around looking for buildings that had the whole "WE ARE HIRING" poster on the front, and whilst waltzing past some building under construction I took a look at one of the papers plastered on the side of it. Within a second of me stopping in front of the building to

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    Compulsive lies

    I tend to lie through admission rather often. It's a bad habit of mine that happens either on accident or on purpose, and my most recent lie through admission would be in regards to my work. I quit my job. Had a two, more like three, week notice too. This important news has not been conveyed to literally anyone of my friends or family. This is not the first time I've done this, albeit the first

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    Late Merry Christmas

    Here's another log for the sometimes monthly diary so I don't ever forget who I used to be once the years pass by. I don't particularly celebrate christmas all that much, but merry christmas all the same. This year's holidays was both disappointing and wasn't at the same time, and for a reason that makes me feel like a hypocrite upon trying to type it out, since I generally disliked

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    Discussion on Writing: What does it mean to be right?

    Whenever you experience a story either it be from, movies, books, or video games there will come a point in the story where a truth is declared either it be justice prevail or something more nuanced like the meaning of determination and death. Usually how true it is becomes irrelevant as for the purposes of the story it being true rounds out the story. Doesn't really matter if Justice doesn't

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  • 32 weeks
    Some Reading suggestions and my general activity

    I've found myself reading on a website called Royal Road as of late as one story on there took my immediate attention for a very special reason. Now for some basic backstory I used to be a Displaced writer here, many of those projects long since deleted or old chapters on current stories just hidden, so low and behold when I found a story called Displaced. The story even had the same premise as

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I wrote a new story · 2:21am Dec 15th, 2016

But it's not related enough to mlp to be posted on this site so if anyone is interested here is where you'll find it. I have it set up like The Time God of Equestria with how the story is told through three different main characters. The setting of the story is the world of Erinn with the three continents being Udlah, Belvast, and Iria. There will also be elves, humans, and Giants, and each species and individual character has there own abilities, such as how Giants can't be archers, however humans can be whatever, but won't be as potent as the other species. If you want to learn more on each species then just ask in the comments of this or read the story. Despite there being three major continents there are four Kingdoms though, as well as multiple organizations hell bent on certain goals.

I have your curiosity by reading this, but do I have your attention?
As a side note I did edit it a bit when transitioning it to the other site, so any relations to mlp it once had are gone.

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