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Weirdest dream ever... · 1:36am Dec 15th, 2016

As the title notes, I just had the weirdest dream in my entire life. And I've seen my fair share of the strange... Now, I don't remember all the details in mind but I can say with certainty that this all happened. Maybe it's just me being silly but who knows? Anyway, onto the explanation.

See, during my dream, I was within the human body of my OC Zodiac. He was apparently talking to the Sirens after the Battle of the Bands so they're still a bit evilish sans maybe Sonata... But anyway, location-wise, they were in his home (Yes, my OC has experience within the EQG world so he knows the ins and outs of the place, that and he's rich in that world) talking about things. The most prominent is him trying to see if they had any redeemable traits. Sonata being obvious but the other two were more concerning. After the Sirens tell him that they'll have trouble surviving because their gems were destroyed in the process, he suggested that they feed of his negative emotions.

At first, they thought he was bluffing and even noted that even if they can, they need their gems to do so. He then brings their hands together and places them between his hands and reveals all the negative emotions he's been hiding (rather well I might add). The Sirens are relatively surprised and back away from him. Adagio notes that while his emotions are like a buffet for them, to have that much and still be positive about life is shocking to them. Zodiac only smiles as he tells that for all the horrible things he had to go through and suffer, there were many positives things that made his life worth living for. The three then looks towards each other wondering on whether to take upon his offer or not.

Now, you'd think that this wasn't weird right? Well, that's not the weird part... The weird part comes after that conversation. After they decided to allow Zodiac to be their source of sustenance, they looked towards him and told him that they would allow it... under one condition. Said condition was... having intercourse with the three of them... They honestly expected him to recoil in surprise at the condition but to them (and my own) surprise, he just says to his own words while smiling (not smug, sly or anything negative), "Sure... I must warn you though... I am a bit rusty from not going through it for what, 5 millennia?" They looked shocked beyond words for a few moments before accepting it with their smile and they all walk into his master bedroom. Oh and I got to witness my prevented mind showing all the [saucy details of their intercourse. I do not need to explain anything about that right now. So yeah... that was my dream. What was my mind thinking during all of that? :rainbowhuh:

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Dude, I wish half my dreams were that coherent. I once had a dream I was swimming in a hotel pool with cartoon killer whales. The hotel and pool were real-life, though. :twilightoops:


Sounds to me like you're missing a little something in your life. Something that spiced it up just enough that you were satisfied. My suggestion is to take the time to find out what it is, then work it out of your system in a healthy manor.

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