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I Am Immune To The Light Update: Clearing Things Up · 9:57pm Dec 14th, 2016

Joker again. After seeing my good friend VampDash stated that Darth Vader is stronger than Kylo, because Kylo is TRYING TO GET BETTER. So, I thought I'd drop in and share a couple of things, just to help clear things up. First off, the whole Kylo-Is-Stronger-Than-Vader bit. A wise man once said, "It doesn't matter how big it is, but what you do with it that counts." It's in this that I'm staking my claim with Kylo and Vader. I'll admit, Vader could kick Kylo's ass clear across the galaxy when it comes to raw power with the Force. But, in this story, I'm saying that Kylo is stronger, because he can do things with the Force that Vader never could, or at least, was never shown to do. For example, right out of the gate in Episode VII, we see Kylo freeze a blaster bolt in midair with the Force. In Episode V, Han tries to shoot Vader with his blaster, but Vader just holds up his hand and blocks/absorbs the blaster bolts. Another example is that Kylo can actually use the Force to interrogate his prisoners and get the information he needs, while Vader has to use mind probes and other torture devices to try to get his captives to talk.

Now that that's out of the way, how about I share the main theme and long description of the story with you guys? First off, here's the main theme:

And now, for the long description:

Benjamin Han Solo, better known as Kylo Ren, the heir apparent to the legendary Sith Lord Darth Vader, who just so happens to be his grandfather on his mother's side, knew he was dead. He had trusted Snoke, blindly followed his orders as the second-in-command of the First Order, taken many, many, lives, including that of his own father, only to be betrayed and disposed of by the Supreme Leader himself.

However, as fate would have it, what should've been his end, was in fact only the beginning.

Kylo wakes up to find himself in a strange new world inhabited by strange bipedal horse-people, bird-lion crossbreeds, and dragons among other things. A world that just so happens to be in the grasp of a three-way war between The New Lunar Republic, ruled by the strangely beautiful Princess Luna, Equestria (or, as the inhabitants of The New Lunar Republic call it, "The Solar Empire") ruled by Luna's elder sister, Princess Celestia, and The Crystal Empire, ruled by a dark and shadowy tyrant called King Sombra.

Not long after he awakens and thanks to a cheap shot, Kylo is captured and detained by Celestia's forces, who wrongly suspect him of being an agent of The New Lunar Republic, only to be broken out by the legitimate forces of The New Lunar Republic, who bring him before Luna, who manages to convince Kylo to join her and fight against Celestia and, more importantly, Sombra. And thus, Ben begins his path to redemption and true happiness as he fights alongside the likes of Twilight Sparkle, Captain Rainbow Dash of the Lunar Guard, and the only thing that's ever really made Kylo feel anything close to fear since before joining the Knights of Ren, Pinkie Pie, in order to bring peace to this war-torn world he now calls home, all while attempting to court Princess Luna.

Crossover with a, for lack of a better term, AU set 8 years after Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens and will contain spoilers for said movie, as well as Ben Solo/Kylo Ren X Princess Luna. Other pairings to be determined.

Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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...... so you're going to.... ship a Knight of Ren, which is BASICALLY a stand in for the SITH, with Princess Luna, who is STILL dealing with Nightmare Moon's coup and the thought she hurt her sister..... yeah there's NO WAY that can end badly.

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