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Lord Weesus Christ

"You cannot conquer Ireland. You cannot extinguish the Irish passion for freedom. If our deed has not been sufficient to win freedom, then our children will win by a better deed." - Pádraig Pearse

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50 questions because it's 1am and I'm bored · 6:32am Dec 13th, 2016

1) Name: Celtic
2) Height: 5' 5"
3) Weight: 140 lbs.
4) Age: 20
5) Birthday: June 11th
6) Girl Best Friend: Sunbuttsparkle and Snow Bullet (online), my friend Riley (IRL)
7) Guy Best Friend: Cosmic, SolarEclipse912, PyraFlare Bullet (online) my friend Jason (IRL)
8) Crush: yes
9) Ever fell in love: yes
10) Favorite Food: Sushi
11) Last Text: to my sister half joking asking how high she was (she's very weird)
12) Longest Relationship: current one, almost 3 months
13) Battery Percentage: 52%
14) Eye Color: Blue
15) Addiction: booze (and weed, even though its not addictive)
16) Favorite Song: uh.... *tries desperately to narrow down playlist*
17) Favorite Animal: walrus
18) Favorite Song: -_-
19) Sing in the Shower?: sometimes
20) One Wish: unlimited supply of everything that makes me happy with no strings attached.
21) Best time in your life: the present, never been happier and things are shaping up.
22) Country you live in: The US, and one day Ireland (preferably a united Ireland)
23) Pets: a cat
24) Plan on getting married?: yes, but probably not for a while
25) Favorite Subject: Culinary Arts.
26) First Kiss: yes. When? Senior year of high school.
27) Insecure?: depending on the situation.
28) Ever self-harmed?: no, but I know people who have.
29) Who do you love?: my family and everyone in my social circle
30) Miss anyone?: my closest friend ever, Jason. Rest in peace, man.
31) Hair Color: dirty Blonde
32) Relationship Status: currently in one
33) Last Song I heard: Red Red Wine - UB40
34) Biggest Fear: dying
35) Believe in ghosts? Absolutely.
36) Something you hate: excessive/unnecessary negativity
37) Favorite T.V. Show?: to many to count
38) Favorite Movie? : Pirates of the Caribbean series
39) Favorite Book?: I can't remember the name
40) Favorite Food: I already got this question but sushi
41) Jealous of? not really the jealous type
42) Star sign: Gemini
43) Middle name?: O'Keefe
44) Worst habit?: doormat tendencies
45) Number of Siblings: 2, older brother and younger sister
46) Names?: Molly and Chris
48) Best friend ever? my friend IRL Jason (as mentioned above)
49) Embarrassing Moment: every day at work XD but seriously, there's so damn many because I'm super socially awkward so it's a regular occurrence
50) Future career choice: Executive Chef or Private Chef

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Comments ( 4 )

A question if i may?Are you a chef?

4338002 yes, I work in a high end restaurant. I'm just not as high ranking as I'd like

4338048 Woah! So that why you have a crush that waitresses.I hope you successful in your future!

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