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  • Sunday
    Just increased the goal

    It's now at $250. We have quite a lot so far, but if you guys have anything else to give, feel free to give a little if you can. Not as much pressure anymore, though, and if we hit $250, we'll stop, since I know this is asking a lot of you guys.

    Thanks again, everyone. :twilightsmile:

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  • Saturday
    We've hit our goal!

    If I had know it would happen this quickly, I would have bumped it up to $200. But in less than a day, my friend now has $100 to use if he needs it.

    Special shout-out to The Castaway Pariah for his donation, single-handedly making the goal. Once again, without his generosity, it wouldn't have been possible. Thank you!

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  • Saturday
    Homeless friend needs help again

    He'll be without housing again in June. He has a plan, but just in case, I set up another GFM for him.

    I know it's asking a lot, but if you can help out, or even just suggest places with room and board in Washinton state or Oregon, it would be much appreciated.

    Thanks, guys.


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  • Tuesday
    To my friends in Paris

    It breaks my heart to know the beautiful Notre Dame cathedral is burning. I may not be religious, but that building is a part of history, and the thought of losing it is overwhelming.

    The world is standing by your side, Paris.

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    Someone else needs help

    Timeless Celestial is in a bind. No job, out of money, and desperately needs help.

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Question to all my readers · 12:22am Dec 13th, 2016

Fast as lightning, sharp as a sword

Before I start work on my fics again (Celestia willing), what would you, my dear readers, consider to be my best story? Whether you think it's my best-written one, or just one you enjoyed the most.

On the flip side, which of my stories do you think is the worst? Whether you liked it least, thought it wasn't well-written, or thought it was straight-up trash.

I just want to get a feel for what I did right in my stories, and avoid what I did wrong.

Don't worry, I won't get upset with you if you tell me the truth. I promise. :twilightsmile:

Stay quick, stay sharp, and thanks for reading! :twilightsmile:

Report LightningSword · 319 views · #question
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Comments ( 26 )

I enjoyed all the stories about nocturne. For me I love it his stories.

If I had to choose one and only one story as your best, I'd actually say 'Attachment', purely because it felt powerful- it was very emotional, but also had a point to make at the same time. It just felt intricate, but that's probably me being able to appreciate the small things. Regardless, I also dont really find any of your works to be 'weaker' than any of the others. In fact, I'd say that someone having a favorite already is a good sign, cause then it gives a rather interesting standard, not to the writer, but for the person themselves to look forward to stories following, and seeing if suddenly the next day, they obtain a new favorite.

Bottom Line: Your doing good for yourself! And there will be others that will agree with me on that

Maybe I shouldn't keep going on about your stuff... but you asked, so here we go.

My favorite story of yours as of now is a neck to neck race between Pride of the Apples and One More Dance. It takes a lot to push past nearly two years of hard crusted cynicism from searching for the worst, but those two stories left me emotionally invested and interested quickly and kept me that way, even if One More Dance suffered from something of a repetition issue.

Worst story... It's a close one, but I'm gonna go with Snapped. I already stated why in my comment (go read that if you want detail), but to reiterate the basics, it had no idea what tone it wanted to have, had no idea which character it wanted the audience to feel sympathy for, and just came across as a poorly written mess, whether you classify it as horror or tragedy.

I can't really call any of your stories the worst, but as for the best? One More Dance.

"Waiting For Sunset" was my most favorite, from the storytelling to the writing, it was awesome :twilightsmile:

The number one story, hands down, has got to be One More Dance. In the span of only a few chapters, you managed to create a relatable character with a believable set of motivations and values. Dac's story, consisting of interaction and past memories, perfectly emphasized the dangers of bullying, and the entire climax--the apotheosis, if you will--finished strongly and with a clear purpose being finished. I have yet to read the fan-made sequel, but I do intend to in the future. Additionally (and this might sound somewhat far-fetched), some of the moments in that story has inspired several moments in my own works. In short, One More Dance was absolutely phenomenal and soul-touching to read.

A close second to that story would be Story of Our Lives which, I believe, expressed similar sentiments to my own regarding the creation and usage of original characters.

Your worst story? I tend not to think of stories of ever reaching that status, but there have been times on this site where I've had the misfortune of reading a beginner's "epic" that fell short of that term. Nonetheless, if I have to be honest, I felt that your worst story was, objectively speaking, "Snapped," mostly because I didn't get much of a raw, emotional impact from it. It felt kind of meh, at best, and eh, at worst. Contrarily, some might argue that The Rope In The Closet was the worst; however, I looked at it from a Defeatist Trope perspective and, in that light, it did what it had to do, so thus is not your "worst story."

You promise, lighting. I hope you mean that, buddy
But I leave it up to the fans to tell you :)
I'd say steam series, more because it may be self insert romance, buts it told so well.

Anyone I favorite are your best. Worst include The Rope in the Closet and Princess Demandy-Pants.

Roaring and Screaming was for me your best idea, if I may, just because you kept everypony in character and it was a nicely written story.

My favourite is 'Just a Bad Colt'. Though as one might be able to tell from my lengthy comment, that could have more to do with personal reasons than an objective and dispassionate analysis of the text.
I haven't read all of your stories yet, but of those I have read, none stand out as especially bad.

I love Roaring and Screaming. :pinkiesmile:

For me, the best is a toss-up between "It's Cold Outside," and "Consideration." I haven't read one of your stories that I didn't like yet, so...No other comment. Have a penguin picture.
img02.deviantart.net/73ef/i/2015/161/8/f/penguin_s_umbrella_by_myrrha_silvenia-d8wrb8i.png Hee. See what I did there? God, I love that show.

Phantom pony of the everfree, I choose you!!! :trollestia::pinkiehappy::trollestia:

I like Apples Pride the most and The Rope in The Closet the least.

(I meant Pride Of The Apples)

Pride of the Apples! I love that fic! :pinkiehappy:

I love the steam series because it well written.

The Rope In The Closet. It deconstructs the whole Flutterbuse gag in the show which is relied on because they find it easy with her personality, and shows realistic consequences of someone whose life is like that.

The Steam Collection, and Pride are my Faves and IMO your best works that I have read so far.:rainbowlaugh::raritywink::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::moustache::pinkiesmile:

Best one...tough call. You do good work pretty consistently. I'm thinking Just a Bad Colt might be it, as it demonstrates how pliable the mind of the young are to adults, and how lasting that damage can be.

Worst...hmm...let me get back to you on that.

For me it is the Broken series because I enjoy the concept of a dark alternate version of events.

Well, it's no secret that my favorite of your stories has always been the Steam Collection. The way you made such hot and erotic stories without making them raunchy or dirty was great. Out of those, there's a tie for my favorites:

The latest one: Waiting for Sunset, as the development was really good there. I liked how it followed a series of days, and how the main character's relationship with Sunset developed.


The first one: New Neighbor, which I'm ashamed to admit is mostly because Rarity is my favorite character, and I felt like you wrote her perfectly.

Will I be the only one saying "Equestria : Civil War" is my favourite in your fanfics?

I love all of them, but favorite is the New Neighbor.

In terms of the stories of yours that ive read, my favorites are: The Steam Collection (Characters felt quite like themselves, and it wasn't rushed, sacrificing plot for quick 'Steam'., Nocturne's stories (I love his character!), and the Pride of the Apples (One of the few stories that can actually bring me to tears, and the points about his Autism hold true in real life).

Of course those are my opinion, and ive found that my opinion never holds true to anyone 99% of the time, but i still adore these works among many of the stories ive read, and I thank you for them good sir. Cheers!

4339322 I really appreciate that. And thanks for the faves! :twilightsmile:

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