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Wait, You're Making A Movie? · 7:45pm Dec 11th, 2016

If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm currently working on a film called Artemis One. I wrote the script for it last year, and after several other projects fell through, I decided it was definitely time to make something of my very own.

What is Artemis One?

A little backstory first. Have you heard of the EM Drive?

Hey look, steampunk might become a reality!

If you haven't, the EM Drive in its current form was created by Roger Shawyer, and it's what's known as a radio frequency resonant cavity thruster. In English, for those of us who have absolutely no understanding of science, that means that the EM Drive is a reactionless drive, and I'm quoting from wikipedia here: "providing thrust from electricity without consuming a propellant."

I first saw the article about it back in 2014, and it stayed at the back of my mind until 2015, when while I was filming b-roll footage for a film called Hush Money, I brought it up to the director and he asked me to write a script about it.

That script turned out to be Artemis One. It isn't about the EM Drive, nor is it about any of the people who were involved with its creation. It is arguably not even about science anymore, instead focusing on the power of hope and passion, and what it can drive us to do when we try to achieve our goals.

Artemis One is about two woman: Ella Harper, a former Navy EOD Tech that lost her husband and daughter in a tragic car crash while she was serving overseas, and Halley Green, a teenage genius who has been ignored for her entire life, partly by her own design. Fed up with the way the world, and especially her father, has treated her, Halley takes her latest invention and runs away with an absolutely crazy plan.

That sounds all well and good, but there's one problem with that. Halley is a genius, and she's managed to create something that people have only imagined. Something that will forever change humanity.

She's made a Warp Drive.

Cue Star Trek!

Believe it or not, warp drives aren't actually a completely fictional creation. Miguel Alcubierre created a theoretical solution for what he called the Alcubierre Drive, though the realities of such a creation are still very much in the air.

That's not important anyway. This is a movie after all. You should really just relax.

So why am I writing this?

I need your help.

Artemis One is currently in the early stages of pre-production, and we're still gathering our financing together. My team and I are trying to raise an initial amount of $10,000 to be able to approach investors more seriously. We are doing this through Indiegogo.

We have a pitch video here, and you should really take a look!

Anything that you can give would be helpful. Please check out the link, and pledge. Artemis One Indiegogo

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Comments ( 3 )

The premise for your movie intrigues me greatly. Will be keeping an eye (and possibly wallet) on this one.

4336435 Feel free to ask me any questions! There are obviously some things I won't answer (for example, I'm not going to give the whole plot away :rainbowkiss:), but other than that, I'm always open!

I live in Colorado! :pinkiegasp:

lol but this movie looks and sounds like quite the adventure.

For the moment I shall watch from the shadows :rainbowdetermined2:

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