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  • Wednesday
    Poor Loki...


    Also, I'm pretty sure that's his variant.

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  • Tuesday
    Eternal Knightfall Chapter Two Has Been Published!

    Greetings Gotham, Joker here! Just wanted to let you guys know that the second chapter of Eternal Knightfall has been published, although for some strange reason it isn't showing up on the recently updated section of the homepage. I'm gonna work on Chapter Three and publish that one on Thursday, see if this is because I updated the story in less than 24 hours. Until then, please enjoy Chapter

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    Projects In Development

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    Back In Business

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  • 12 weeks
    I'm Back!

    So, I recently got myself a shiny new PS4. Plus, shitty though it may be, I now have consistant internet access, which means I can do my livestreams again! Yay!

    Here's the link to my channel, if anyone is interested in watching me bumble my way through some games.

    My Youtube Channel

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Second Thoughts · 12:42am Dec 10th, 2016

Greetings Gotham, Joker here! Well, my new fanfiction.net project, No Strings On Me, has had this sort of success:

Speaking of which, if you haven't read the story yet, please for the love of all things sacred, JUST READ IT ALREADY!!!!!!1 and let me know what you think in the reviews section, because unlike Fimfiction, you can leave a review without logging in or having an account.

Anyways, with the response that No Strings On Me has gotten, it's made me wonder if Assassinverse: No Strings On Me, where after her murder, Twilight's spirit somehow finds and possess this:

is going to actually work or if it'll go horribly, horribly wrong like Throw It All Away and DARK did. I mean, I thought it was a neat concept, the animatronics being humanized and becoming vigilantes similar to Red Hood, except they use supernatural abilities instead of guns and weapons, with Purple Guy/Springtrap, Plushtrap, the Sister Location animatronics, and the Nightmare ani-mon-tronics (they're kind of like Bizarro, with Nightmare Puppet being similar to Ultron) being supervillains was a pretty neat concept. And I thought Twilight's spirit possessing The Puppet after she was assassinated was a pretty cool and inventive idea too, but after seeing the response No Strings On Me got... I'm not so sure anymore.

Can I get some advice and opinions if I should keep on trucking, or if I should just stick to Gravity Falls, Sonic, and MLP? Please comment below! Oh, and here's the new cover art for No Strings On Me:

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