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Berry's Top 12 Hearth's Warming/Christmas Stories, Day 3 · 1:05am Dec 7th, 2016

#10. Hearth's Warming Chaos by DisneyFanatic23

Next on the list is Hearth's Warming Chaos, a side story set in the awesome DisneyFanatic23's 'Bride of Discord' universe, taking place after 'Daughter of Discord.' Being familiar with those is recommended, because you'll probably be lost otherwise. (but I highly recommend reading them, especially if you're a fan of Fluttercord :yay: or you could watch the audio dramas for both on YouTube)

There's not much I can say that wouldn't be spoilers here. :unsuresweetie:

This is a sweet little slice of life/comedy that I recommend to anyone looking for a heartwarming holiday story with a few laughs along the way. :pinkiehappy:

(here's a song for you)

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