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Snowflurry Nightmare art · 1:38pm Dec 6th, 2016

So back in September I went looking for an artist to commission the nightmare scene from The Secret of Ponyville, and it took a while, but I found someone. I was promptly put on a waiting list, and ended up missing the Halloween deadline I'd hoped for (lesson learned, these things take time).

However, three months later, here is the completed art piece of Rarity's nightmare from Chapter 3 of The Secret of Ponyville

link because formatting sucks

Her beautiful white coat was now anything but. Where there was skin left it was black and bubbly and oozing. The exposed flesh beneath was glowing as though lit from within, but it was a frightening red glow, and I could hear it sizzling and popping. Only one of her wings remained, but one could hardly call it that. What was left was a shriveled, blackened section of skin clinging to the tiny bones beneath. Much of the flesh on her face had melted all the way to the bone. I could see most of her teeth, and what was left of her tongue. And her eyes were just... gone. One of them was a deep abyss while the other glowed like a flame. A trail of blood and blackened flesh snaked out behind her, and some waxy substance dripped from her face and down her legs, melting the snow around her hooves as she stepped forward.
I retched on the ground in front of me.

The artist has asked to remain anonymous for personal reasons, but I think they did a great job. What do you think?

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Holy horseapples, that is amazing! :pinkiegasp: Terrifying, but amazing!

Oh, that is nightmarish! :pinkiehappy:

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