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Chapter 8, EUIV, and Ink Potts · 11:37pm Dec 5th, 2016

Hello, all! You may have noticed that the new chapter is out, and boy was that ending a doozy. Really snuck up on me. I was writing and then one thing just led to another and I was like "wow, that just happened."

I often find that trying to keep consistent updates is often a struggle of balancing my writing with everything else I enjoy doing. Chief among these things is playing videogames, and many a night I've closed out a chapter draft with no progress made due to their distracting influence. Good news! I recently discovered that a game of Europa Universalis 4 playing at the lowest speed is ideal to keep going on in the background while writing. My co author and I have been playing a multiplayer game over in India. I've nearly formed Hindustan now, and I'm 3k words into the next chapter already!

Also, anyone here ever heard of Ink Potts? I just love their stuff! They recently released the next installment of their Count of Monte Cristo series, and I thought I'd share it here just in case anyone missed it. Believe me, these animatics always get me into the mood to push out a few thousand words!

Angelo, I'm writing this on my phone at work and my lunch break is about to end, so I'll probably make another blog post when I publish Chapter IX next week. Some shit is gonna go down, I'll tell you that!

Come join my editors and I in Discord if you want to chat!

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