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My name is Tim, and I live in Antwerp, Belgium.Best pony is Fluttershy.Yay.

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Update on thingz · 6:52pm Sep 21st, 2012

Quite a few things have happened since my last update.

First of all, I've reached the milestone of 100 watchers on deviantart. As a little thank you, I made this here drawing:

Also uploaded a third comic, which can be found here. I haven't submitted that to Equestria Daily as opposed to the other two, because of the origin of the OC starring in there. More info in the description.

Fic-wise: "In The End" has made its way to the interwebs, but is a little devoid of love. Understandably, considering there's going to be a death of a Mane 6 character in each chapter. So far, one of them has already bitten the dust. The next chapter is ready, but I need to give it a decent overview to work out any plotholes and shortcomings.

**+18 WARNING**

Here's something I never thought I'd do. I've written my first clopfic called "Raising Grades", as part of a Sexty Minute Pony Stories tumblr prompt, starring Cheerilee and Filthy Rich (wat). Since the time allotted to writing it was limited to 60 minutes (which I exceeded), it's kind of fast paced, and it didn't even get to 'the main course', so to speak *wink wink nudge nudge*. But, as it turns out, it's rapidly becoming my most successful story on this site to date. As such, I'll probably rewrite the current first chapter and add a second, where they finish their business (yes, puns).

** END +18 WARNING**

Final thought: I mentioned in my previous blog post I was going to announce a big project when reaching 100 watchers on deviantart. I did both, but in case any readers here missed it, I'll say it here too: I'm going to turn two of my favorite fics on this site, Transcend and Antecedent into a graphic novel. I have already contacted the author Anonymous Pegasus to ask for his permission, which he gave immediately, very excited by the idea.

Now, that was over a month ago, and I still haven't begun with this project. Needless to say, since Transcend is over 40,000 words long (and Antecedent doubles that - and it's not even finished yet by a long shot!), it's going to take several months more to complete. Currently, I'm trying to learn how to make vectors, but at the pace it's going, I think it's better to stick to the style I've been using for my comics thus far.

That about wraps it up for now. Thanks for sticking with me, everybrony! :pinkiehappy:

Also, name change.

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