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Keeping my inhouse critics happy. · 11:24am Dec 4th, 2016

It's that time in the evening again when the yowling becomes unbearable, so just to show I'm not totally alone here's a couple impromptu cat feed vids of my pals Fluffy & Mitch.

Fluffy the timid, although he did stand up to a husky in my yard one day, chased it out the front gate and down the road away, happily trots back with pleased look on his face. Ever watching that I spell things correctly and a scratch for when I stuff up.

And pitch black Mitch, the not so timid but curious and crazy as a kitten 9.5kg (21lb) suburban panther. who when I take him to the vet, isn't scared but wants to jump from exam table>vets desk>top of vets computer>top shelf on wall>overhead exposed rafters(and no they didn't have a ladder) Why does a vet clinic have exposed rafters?? WHY WHY!?!

...and yes, the state of his favourite chair is why I can't have nice things.

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Comments ( 2 )

As a wolf, I must say I dislike cats.

But when I'm not a wolf... :yay:

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