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Blog plugging Blog today · 5:53am Dec 4th, 2016

I would like to promote some of our unsung heroes of the MLP:FIM community, in particular, the regular reviewers. (And I know I'm going to miss a couple of them so if/when I do, don't be afraid to remind me because I'm used to it with my faulty memory. Organic parity errors, I think. I'd have to ask my wife.)

Present Perfect - Who has obviously discovered a time machine or a way to directly input coffee into the brain with all the pony work he does every week.

Titanium Dragon - An incredibly tough but fair reviewer of all things pony and otherwise.

PaulAsaran - Makes Thursdays worth it every week and then some.

Chris - Reviewer, RCL curator, and runs One Man's Pony Ramblings website.

Loganberry and his Ponyfic Roundups (very good)

Pineta - Who does not really review pony stories, but the whole universe instead.

And a new addition to the reviewers I follow: MLPMatthewl419 - Who caught my eye when he reviewed one of my stories, On The Natural Rise And Fall Of Celestial Bodies. He's just starting out reviewing and worth taking a look at.

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Present Perfect - Who has obviously discovered a time machine or a way to directly input coffee into the brain with all the pony work he does every week.

Present Perfect is obviously just another SS&E alt.

Author Interviewer

It's called "being unemployed"! D:

Review of the Universe: Flat. Inflated. Full of dark matter. Vaguely recommended if you like grimdark and clop.

All good recommendations! I was privileged to have Titanium review a few of my stories (one he liked and the other he felt fell flat [Present Perfect disagreed... personally I tend to agree with Titanium, though :twilightblush:]) and Chris somehow found the time to review The Iron Horse. :pinkiegasp:

I'll see about checking out some of the other ones. Thanks!

4328542 The problem is the writer is taking *forever* to wrap it up and get to the point. Some fear the universe may go on forever, but others think it's going to come to a crashing end with all the plot lines being solved at once. Whatever the answer, it's going to take a lot longer than I have to read. And what is it with this 'Aardvark' thing? It's like it got thrown in with the Platypus when the author was having a bad nose day.

Aw, thanks for the shout out!

I need to get some stories finished so I can stop putting off reviewing stuff. Though I've got three review sets close to done.

Oh, and Loganberry! I added him to the post.

Thanks Georg for this shoutout. Even though I was a little hard on your story.

Also, I did some editing after our conversations about the punctuation.

These reviewers are indeed fimfiction community heroes. I'll have to check out MLPMatthewl419's work, thanks for spreading the word :twilightsmile:

Yes, and remember links to these reviewers and many more can be found on:

100+ people & groups covering over 7500 stories by over 3000 authors.

Adding up to over 13,000+ reviews all together.

Your one stop shop for all (most) of your pony fan fiction review needs.

Which is getting updated, honest! Especially with this MLPMatthewl419 guy, apparently.

(new improved v2.0 post with the link actually in it!)

I let this slip my mind earlier, so I'll say it now: thanks very much! Not sure I entirely deserve to be mentioned in such company, but hey, I'll take all the free advertising I can get! :pinkiehappy:

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