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Cycle 1 · 11:27pm Dec 2nd, 2016

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Image is broken for me.

Imgur blocks images on this site, apparently it was drawing 'too much traffic' or some other such nonsense for an image hosting site of that size.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Still not showing. Apparently it contains errors or something. Imgur blacklisted FiMFiction so I doubt you can get anything to work that comes from Imgur.

4327294 Swapped to Dropbox

I think it's working now.

I'll admit I have no clue what it means cuz' I haven't properly followed your content in awhile. I was just scrolling through my feed and saw this image was broken.

Is this a snapshot of everything you've been working on? Exciting things in the works?

Don't worry tho, my favourite fics have been a little stagnant lately. I might do some re-reading.:twilightsheepish:

So, been talking with Pieman over Steam, and here's what he's given me thus far:

1. The 3rd story on the list, Faraway Friends, is the crossover for AJ and Fluttershy in much the same way as Redshift is for Twilight and Rarity, and the Borderlands story is for Rainbow and Pinkie. :ajsmug: :yay:

2. The setting for their story is more E-Rated in origin than the other two, and will be more lighthearted as a result. This does not mean that there won't be some darker themes present, however, and the story itself is definitely still Teen Rated.

3. Anthony himself will have much less of a presence in this one as opposed to the others. What precisely this means as for his relation to the situation as a whole, I don't know.

This is all I've been told thus far. E-rated could be a lot of things. Any theories?

I'll give a hint about Starlit Horizons: It's the only one in the Cycle 1 lineup that's _not_ set in a video game world.

4328195 You know me, I'm always hungry for more content. The timing couldn't be any more perfect for me, heading towards the end of semester. After finals I'll have zero important things to focus on allowing for tons of time to get back to reading.

One of the things I like about Anthony is that he seem's very versatile. Maybe this is just because he's one of the only OC's I've encountered across multiple different stories, but I could see him fitting well in a lot of different types of story environments. Going off of what has already been discussed with ShadowStar0, Faraway friends might be a little more low-key in the action department, or that's at least my interpretation of an 'E' rating. That's not to say it may not be intense, it just may carry a different tone to it. Where Starlight is a fantasy adventure, and Borderlands DLC is guns guns guns, maybe this one is more of a drama? Who knows? That's the fun part about speculation.

Personally, what grabs my attention more is the fact that all these stories are labeled under 'Cycle 1'. Do all of these have something in common with each other that none of us have picked up on? Maybe those details haven't been added in yet. Or maybe since they are numbered, will there be multiple cycles? Or maybe I'm going overboard and reading into things that aren't actually there. Fanfiction is serious business ya'll, and I take my reading seriously :pinkiecrazy:

Now comes my favorite part of waiting for things to start happening. I generally try to avoid spoilers so that everything will be brand new and exciting for me.

I can honestly say, as the co-author and the one doing most of the story-working...

Or maybe I'm going overboard and reading into things that aren't actually there.

Nah, you're not reading into things that aren't there!

But are you reading enough into the things that are?

Also, feel free to speculate about Horizons, though I will admit that there's not much to go on... but if you guess it I'll give you an e-cookie.
Also, Faraway Friends is up, and while I cannot honestly say it'll have less action, the action will be more detailed than the others... and also have more things than a single, simple goal in mind.

I look forward to your feedback on the FF* Prologue!
*Does not refer to Final Fantasy

Yup, I just hit up the prologue. Another interesting tale to tell. Or in my case read. I just read. And maybe comment!

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