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I'm an otaku/gamer who loves Equestria Girls, crossovers, and Equestria Girls crossovers. And Rainbow Dash.

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  • 158 weeks
    I'm back! (temporarily)

    Hey everybody! I'm currently on a public computer writing this, because knighty's update to the update fixed everything back to the way it was...except letting me log in. So now my phone has permanently shut me out of my account.

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  • 161 weeks
    I've had enough.

    I’m not leaving the site.

    It’s just that the new update for the site is so abysmally bad on my shitty iPhone that 95% of it is unusable. I’m on a public computer writing this.

    So, you might not hear from me too much from now on. I’m gonna try to get a new chapter of VRMMOEQGRPG out at the very least, once a month. It most likely will be more.

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  • 167 weeks
    Sad(ish) news

    Crunchyroll app + my phone = shit.

    And all the anime-watching sites either require a paid membership or just don't work at all on my phone.

    So, VRMMOEQGRPG is going on break until further notice. I hope to get a computer soon so everything will WORK!!!

    At least that frees up some time to work on my other stories...

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  • 176 weeks
    It's been long enough

    I haven't posted anything on the site for quite some time, and for several reasons.

    1. I was sick several times this month.
    2. My job has been pretty crazy recently, so I haven't had much free time on that front.
    3. I haven't had any ideas for stories.

    But today, I was playing Street Fighter IV in my room and my gaze drifted over to my Sword Art Online light novels in the corner...

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    Was browsing Deviantart earlier and I came across this:
    I thought, aw, that's adorable. So I start browsing around looking for more cute pics. I found one by the amazing Uotapo, and there was this commenter. And you'll never guess what his username was.


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Actual feedback this time? · 10:33pm Dec 1st, 2016

Yep, my phone's battery broke. Really fucking sucks. Its gonna be at least a week before it can be fixed, so I'm using my friend's phone to write this now. So I will be absent from this site for a while, sorry to say, but I have already found a way to pass time (free time, anyway, with college and Wendys and shit): Watching superhero movies.
I am marathon-watching superhero movies, and it's pretty fun. So I would like some thoughts on what ones to watch next. I don't really dislike any of them (except Batman v Superman) so any one is fine with me. If anyone can suggest at least 2 movies, I am watching them alternating between Marvel and DC. One suggestion of each would be fine.
So far I've watched Deadpool, Green Lantern, Ant-Man, Dark Knight Rises, Fantastic Four (the old one), and Suicide Squad (which I actually like tbh).
Feedback is appreciated, I'm enjoying it!

I said this yesterday, and no one seemed to answer me. (I'm using a public computer btw) So this time, I think a poll is in order for the next two movies.

Fant4stic & Batman Begins
The Incredible Hulk & Man of Steel
X-Men Days of Future Past & Wonder Woman (the animated one)
Avengers Age of Ultron & V for Vendetta (it's made by DC, I don't care if it's not a superhero movie)
Whoever chooses the pair I want to watch the most will get a FREE STORY REQUEST whenever I get my phone back. And it's the chance of a lifetime, since I most likely won't do one again.

Feedback is MANDATORY! (jk, it's just appreciated.)

P.S, tonight I'm watching Iron Man 2 and Batman Forever.

Report Yarael-BJ-Poof · 202 views · #Marvel #DC
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Comments ( 1 )

Dude you need to watch V for vendetta. It's cool. I watched it before I found out about the cringey annoymoosel33t hacker groups that used them. It takes a detour from the comics, in a good way. Age of Ultron is decent, and since marvel is doing a whole continuity thing so it's good to play catch up, especially with civil war 2 on the way.

Heck I don't even care if I win , I just want to have some one to talk movies with, my usual crew is busy.

Sordid I didn't respond before, I've been sick for a bit. Ciao man, watch V eventually.

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