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Hi, name's XenoPony. I'm an avid pony writer and fan fiction author with a wide range of stories.

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Anyone Looking For Good Art Work or Fanfic Readings? · 2:21pm Dec 1st, 2016

Hello everyone, just posting to advertise the fact that one of my friends here on Fimfic is in need of some art commission work. I can say that she's a really good artist and the work she does is well worth the cost, whatever that may be.

Here's an example of her work and here's a link to where you can find details if you're interested.

Furthermore, she also has a YouTube channel that boasts some very good and expertly done fanfic readings, anyone who is interested in grimdark stories especially should really go check out her channel.

Thanks everyone!:yay:

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Comments ( 4 )

Cool art work, but I have no money for commisions unless I think they're imaculate.

Cool, I see about looking at the detailes.:pinkiesmile:

4324642 That's not a very nice thing to say, I think it looks very good.:unsuresweetie:

4324643 Just what I think, it's not your problem man.

Cool, I might have a look at some point.

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