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Author's Notes For Exes Meet · 8:38pm Nov 29th, 2016

Hello. Thank you very much for reading my latest one-shot entry in what I'm calling the "Sunset's Recovery Arc". I hope you enjoyed it. I had fun writing it, for what it's worth. Please follow me past the jump for more details.

First question that comes to mind, obviously, has to be "Why Flash??". After all, Flash Sentry sucks, we're told. That's been the default stance for MLP fans from the minute they learned of his existence. Kind of a shame, really, since I see less and less reason to hate the guy.

Basically, I wanted to write a story about Flash Sentry. I wanted to explore his character a bit. No more, no less. Just like the Dazzlings, he surprised me.

Your second question must be something along the lines of "What did Sunset DO? You need to explain it! Shitty author! Downvoted!" To that, I ask: Is it really important to know the details right now? I could have given the details, of course, but doing so would have made the story drag. What's relevant is Sunset did something that left Flash emotionally bruised and he still hasn't gotten over it. I promise all will be explained. Just not here or now. Sunset doesn't feel comfortable telling Rarity everything yet, and Rarity won't push the issue. Infodumps rarely happen in real life.

When I envisioned this story, I wanted Flash to be worried about Sunset. Unfortunately for the poor bastard, that's not how it came off. Like I said in the blog entry I wrote during drafting of this story, he just kept wanting to act like a massive asshole. That's fine, since it meant more of a dramatic punch when Rarity showed him Sunset's scars. But really, he has every right to think the worst of her after she strung him along for a year and then… *ahem!* At least he's enough of a gentleman to realize when he dun goofed.

I thought at first about Flash slapping Sunset in a "get a hold of yourself, man!" type gesture. Yeah, sure. Slap the suicidal girl. That'll fix her. If he had done that, I think Rarity would have killed him. She's getting really protective of Sunset. I still won't ship them – my Sunset don't swing that way (or possibly any way).

Next up I think is going to be the Other Four visiting Sunset to check in on her. None of them are capable of lending a sympathetic ear like Rarity has – Fluttershy comes close, but she's also emotionally crippled and I figure Sunset and Rarity both want to keep from dragging her down. Plus Fluttershy has been known to hold grudges. Applejack specializes in "tough love", which works in most situations but can be counterproductive to someone who is legitimately clinically depressed. Pinkie always means well but Sunset is an introvert by nature (not as much as Twilight, but Sunny does spend most of her time alone both pre- and post-reform) and would decline a Pinkie Party, and Ponk is known to not take rejection well. Maybe they could compromise? Rainbow Douche Dash can't be anything but a massive prick to Sunset; I don't think their meeting will go well.

Also, next blog entry will be my 100th. I think I'll mark the occasion by throwing in some snippets of story not worth posting on their own but may be relevant to my other works. Look forward to it!

Anyway, thanks again for reading! I hope to never let you down.

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Comments ( 3 )

Ok so when will the new story be posted or has it already been posted?

Hmm... I've been reading your stories for a while... since you said it was an arc, I immediately got interested... until your next one, I suppose... but for now, you got my follows...

Hrmmmm I'm just gonna say it dash can be a jerk at times in both egu and fim but other times people actually show her loyalty hitting the mark even with people she don't like to give them a chance so I'm curious how your gonna do that also you probably noticed by now but lol any comments on the stories and stuff I put in these lil bit

But the story itself was good it actually shows just how fragile she is and even at that moment in time flash while having the right to his anger also in a way learned a very important lesson about how words can hurt more then he knew if rarity was not there just how bad could he have hurt her is something he must have in his head (also now my mind's thinking what if things did go worse)

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