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Pen Chisai

I hope you all have a wonderful Nightmare Night/Halloween :) Try not to wake Oogie Boogie~ ;)

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    Halloween Preview! Enjoy~! XD

    Outside Umbra’s Mansion

    Watcher and Techorse waited patiently outside the mansion’s doors for both Aura and Celestia to come out. It was frustrating for the charcoal unicorn as he continued to pace back and forth by the entrance. He wasn’t happy, especially since he had to wear a very bright yellow bee costume due to him losing a bet with Tech and Celestia.

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    Halloween Special Coming Soon

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    A New Name....

    Hey guys, now I'm sure you've all read my previous blog and this week I took a lot of time to myself... It was something I really needed and it got me thinking... I should have a new name on here. I'll always be Pen, that's something that I'll never change and plan to keep it even when I publish my first real story someday. And my name will be the last name of my main character to my book that

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    Reboot on Katy's Story, Another Displaced Story (More like two)

    Just like what the title says guys, I'll be making two new stories since I keep getting inspiration XP

    One about Steven Universe

    And the Second one is a Reboot on Katy's story

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    What Truly Matters to Me

    Hey guys... I wanted to give you guys a quick update about me and I wanted to start out by saying I'm sorry. I'm hardly online talking with any of you except for a handful of you and even then I can barely keep a conversation with all of you going. I've been focused on my stories and when I look back, I always posted blogs about almost everything and I've neglected to do that anymore. It's always

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The Return of Shadowblade!!! · 2:38am Nov 29th, 2016

Shadowblade will return with an all new story! His role within the Displaced shall shock many as he wrecks havoc across the Multiverse and.....the birth of The Displaced!

This story will tie in with A New Destiny:pinkiehappy:

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Comments ( 3 )

Cool! I can't wait! :pinkiehappy:

Hmm the only one I played was the one on Mobile. Is the rest of the series good?

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