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    I'm so excited. And it also means that KyoAni is recovering.

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    Goddammit Nintendo

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    I seriously didn't think I'd get another chance to post this...

    That's great, it starts with an earthquake
    Birds and snakes, and aeroplanes
    And Lenny Bruce is not afraid

    Eye of a hurricane, listen to yourself churn
    World serves its own needs
    Don't mis-serve your own needs
    Speed it up a notch, speed, grunt, no, strength
    The ladder starts to clatter
    With a fear of height, down, height
    Wire in a fire, represent the seven games

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My Pokémon Sun team · 3:43pm Nov 27th, 2016

I just finished this great game by becoming champ and I can finally go around through the internet without worries again (I hope). So here is the team, that followed me through this great adventure.


Name: Marin
My starter. I fell in love with her during the trailer and now I love her (though mine is male) even more.


Name: Zwei
Super fast and strong. I could always rely on him.


Name: Eren
I was surprised when I found Rufflet on Route 3, but decided to take him just for fun. I was even surprised when he kept up with the remaining team even at the end. There's probably something symbolic in him evolving during the final battle.


Name: Satsuki
After her evolution she tanked attacks like, well, a tank and hit like one.


Name: Rory
He may be my weakest team member, but he managed to save a few very important battles.


Name: Ember
Another one I wanted since I saw them it the first time. This dragon is awesome. And she evolved surprisingly fast.

I wonder if anyone gets all the name references.

Report Marwile · 227 views · #Pokemon #Sun #Pokemon team
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Comments ( 3 )

This is a pretty good and balanced team.

Well, I'm one of those guys who's planning his team long before. (Except Rufflet. He was the wildcard)

Ther is always one you just couldn't switch out from the first 5 catched.

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