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Better than Nicholas Sparks. Probably. Probably not. Also has a thing for Queen Chrysalis. Can't Explain Why.

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    What the?

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    Thanks to all who are following the story.

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Happy Thanksgiving, Everypony! · 8:53pm Nov 24th, 2016

Here's some Derpy to tide you over.

As for what I'm thankful for. I'm thankful for Queen Chrysalis, Applejack, and Derpy, for all the fanfic ideas and just for being them.

I'm also thankful for my followers. You guys/girls are awesome.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Holidays overall!

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Finally, someone realises what's important to be thankful for - me!

Seriously, though, we don't celebrate thanksgiving here, but happy 'stuff yourself silly and pretend that it's excusable due to tradition' day! (don't worry, we have those too. Like Fat Thursday, where you stuff yourself with donuts. Real donuts, not the crap that passes for them over there. Real, thick, heavy, stuffed with marmalade, drowned in sugary icing, covered in candied orange peel donuts that make you fatter just by existing in the same universe.)

Yes, I'm thankful for Chryssie as well. And for that brick I'm about to smash into the back of Thorax's head. <Thorax> Wha- *crunch* x.X

Eh, he'll be fine. Sorta.

Happy Thanksgiving MaxBeezy!

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