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Thanksgiving Again 2016 · 11:49pm Nov 23rd, 2016

well, tis that time of year again where we all get to gather with our families, eat bountiful feasts of mashed potatoes, ham, turkey, vegetables, stuffing, have a few drinks of your preferred alcohol, and laugh about the stories you can share.

hey everyone, Kablam here wanting to wish you all a happy thanksgiving and hopefully a good rest of the week before the blood bath that is known as, 'Black Friday'! (dun! dun! Duuuun!!) *insert dramatic music here* while everyone here at job corps gets to go home for the weekend, i'm part of the select few who have to stay back in the prison for one reason or another; mine being, i don't want to pay for a greyhound ticket back home for only four days at over $200 round-trip for me.

so i'm stuck with pretty much nothing to do except edit music, watch TV, or write (which probably is a good thing since i need to start doing the next chapter and stop procrastinating). though, i have to wait on writing the next chapter of the story as i need to help a friend get a passing grade on one of his essays in writing class.

to put some back story on that, the class is using an online website that automatically checks for plagiarism (i have a separate rant about that issue by itself). since both of us are auto techs, he chose to do an essay about how to do an engine test. well, that dinged him for almost 50% plagiarism on the spot and the teacher is unwilling to listen to reason about how this engine test is a standardized thing across every engine you could possibly work on in a life time across an entire industry. to make it short, i have to go back and dumb everything down to not get dinged for plagiarism as i have now made this my personal vendetta against this woman and her stupid program.

anyways, have a great four day weekend with your families and good food and i hope to see you all in the next chapter.

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Comments ( 2 )

Thanksgiving was last month! :twilightangry2::derpytongue2:

Will I hope that you will be able succeed in defending you friends case, I don't hesitate to bring your care to the administration if the old bat doesn't want to listen to reason. I hope you will be in good company with friends this American Thanksgiving to keep you spirit up. Best wishes to you.

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