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Skype is a %£&#@!!! · 9:54pm Nov 23rd, 2016

So I was downloading a large file. I left it running while I went out for about half an hour.

Came back.

Disk drive full.

Skype has crashed.

Needed to wipe it and start afresh. (Login still works and everything. Didn't need to change account.)

So now I've lost my entire chat history going back over 18 months.

Well, not lost. I have backups of it. But my new chats going forward and my old chats going backward are completely separate.

Good thing about being a programmer is that I should be able to write some kind of thing to merge them.

Oh well. :ajsleepy:

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Comments ( 3 )

wow i could use some help from you when i need it

Well at least it's still working.

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