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So yeah. I thought I'd try my hoof at this clopfic thing.

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Is this thing on? · 3:29pm Nov 22nd, 2016

Hello, you deviant pervos!

I'm a bit bored (also procrastinating) so I figured I'd use this blog thing! See if anybody's paying attention.

So yeah. Sometimes I write smut, and it gets posted here. I write NON smut stuff as well (even non MLP things!), but that's not why you're here, I bet.

In any case (though I may regret this), I wonder ... do you guys have any suggestions for what I might work on next? What sort of debauched stories would you like to read? I ask this question with a caveat-- namely, everything I write will be about consenting adults. Sorry to disappoint any of you with, er, 'harder' tastes. Wait, no, I'm not sorry. So nothing violent or bloody or bathroomy or anything like that.

I'm also terribly, terribly boring, in that I don't quite get some of the more 'out there' kinks, like inflation or giant/shrinking stuff or balloons or whatever. Sorry to disappoint.

Still, with these wildly unreasonable guidelines, are there any particular characters you'd like to see me write? Silly, sexy situations to thrust (ha ha, lewd pun) them into? Or maybe even suggestions for directions my uncompleted stories might go in? (I have a few vague ideas for Twilight Sparkle and the Planet of the Pantsless Pony People, but nothing definite just yet).

Or am I just randomly shouting into the void here? :)

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Comments ( 12 )

I'm also terribly, terribly boring, in that I don't quite get some of the more 'out there' kinks, like inflation or giant/shrinking stuff or balloons or whatever. Sorry to disappoint.

Honestly, I think there's too much of those out there. Nothing wrong with those kinks, but it's a saturated market.

Or am I just randomly shouting into the void here?

Be wary when shouting into the Void...for sometimes, the Void shouts back.

There's a group The Idea Exchange that has a variety of prompts and ideas free for anyone to use. It includes a Mature section. Full disclosure two of the unused prompts there are mine. Don't forget to also look at the similar groups bar while you're there. The Idea Factory also has Mature prompts although its not as nicely organized.

For more of my own original ideas:
One thought I've had when it involves clop with the alicorns it tends to be kind of unimaginative considering their vast magical powers. For example Luna can shapeshift and apparently animate multiple bodies at the same time. Twilight Sparkle can manipulate gravity. Celestia is technically an Earth Pony twice the size of Big Mac and presumably has unfathomable strength and stamina. Cadance is a master of Emotion Magic etc.

So how's this for a prompt: Epic God Sex

Incidentally I have a thing for Twilight/Celestia/Luna threesomes. Possibly only because the "Twilight lies between Day and Night," wordplay makes me giggle.

For your existing stories:

Twilight Sparkle and the Terribly Inconvenient Boner hasn't updated in some time. One thing I did think as odd is that in that story Twilight needs to have sex with her friends repeatedly over several weeks to weaken their addiction and needs to "cum inside," for that. There's also no reason to believe Twilight's penis isn't fully virile being part of her alicorn princess nature. In fact you would think that would make her more potent than an ordinary stallion. Yet the risk of pregnancy is never acknowledged at all.

Yes, I admit to an impregnation fetish.

An idea I've found interesting but probably won't have time to explore is the trials and tribulations of Principal Celestia in Equestria, suddenly having to deal with vast magical power well as being a dead ringer for their divine ruler. Actually, I'd love to see her in the land of pantsless pony people, too.

Submissive Celestia is always a win for me.
I like the idea that after a day of having everyone kowtow to her she needs some time where someone tells her what to do.

Also there can always be more rarity/rainbow

I'm okay with reading pretty much anything from you, as long it's not (wholly) humanized. I've got a fondness for your actual prose and story structure, but I have to admit your first few outings here kind of fell flat for me, with all that weird, niche human-on-human action. :twilightoops:

On that thought, though, while human-on-pony isn't terribly rare and I don't think meshes with your meta, you might be capable of pulling off the less common humanized-on-pony, and that can be an interesting treat. What else... I've always kind of wanted to see a fic that tackles some of Twilight's friends (or other Ponyville residents) going to their Incredibly Magical UniAlicorn to magically facilitate some sort of non-standard sex act, and her dealing with the conflicting feelings of 'this is really gross'/'this is really hot'.

nothing violent or bloody or bathroomy

But all of those can be totally consensual! :trollestia: Nah, I honestly appreciate that about your work. I've reeeeally got nothing against fictional depictions of sexual misconduct, but there's definitely times when I wish there was more stuff that features actual respectable and "empathize-able"* characters, and also sex. So, yeah, thanks for doing your part on that front! (My only concern with stuff like that is the class of authors that have really dark tastes but always contrive unrealistic ways that consent is given or there's a "happy ending", and it seems like at least actual rapefics have a lot more clear "no this is bad don't do it in real life", instead of being... worryingly sketchy about what the author thinks is okay. But you generally seem to have a level head on, so this is more just tangential venting.)

*Did you know that English lacks a real word for 'capable of being empathized with'? Because apparently it does. Apparently empathy is supposed to be functional on literally everything, and it doesn't really take into consideration fictional characters that are poorly written enough to not have comprehensible feelings. (In this case because they're just sex objects.) Or, y'know, anything at all that isn't a human† and therefore trying to process how it feels with a human brain† is probably a lost cause and likely to do as much harm as good.

†Ponies (and most other fictional sapient species) effectively count as human. That's almost tautologically the only function of the word "sapient".

Concerning the pants-less fiction, if seeking inspiration there, I'd like to see Macintosh "accidentally" wonder into Equestria and find himself surrounded by smooth soft wonderful ponies, then uncomfortable/accidental (humor at his expense) nudging to which he doesn't really know how to respond to.

Alternatively, Rarity seducing Macintosh.

why did this post sound like Jim sterling?

I personally would like to read a story about Glory Hole, seeing as there are not that much stories like that. Or Gangbang.

I certainly wouldn't mind if your Pantsless world would explore any of these two kinks two. For science of course! :raritywink:


I also agree with him here. CMC are always a nice touch for stories. :pinkiesmile:

Could you do something with Celestia and/or Luna?

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