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Tumblr and Non-binary Gender · 1:08am Nov 22nd, 2016

(Have any questions? Does you opinion differ from mine? Discuss it in the comments, calmly, like a civilised person. I'm fairly open to discuss people's viewpoints:twilightsmile:)

Like the title says, Tumblr triggers me like no other thing on Earth. I have a Tumblr to follow a few comic blogs I like, because they all seem to coagulate on Tumblr. I log on today and everything is just a bunch of 'non-binary' characters holding up rectangular cards with 'Non-binary: They/them' written on it. I know there was supposed to be a day about 'Non-binary Rememberence' or something a couple days ago. It might have been 'Appreciation', I can't remember. I'm going to be honest here, feel free to dis-agree I'm actual quite open minded. I don't get it.

I understand how one might not generally align with any particular gender, being male, female, trans or whatever. But a 'Rememberence Day'? Really? What, was there a mass genocide on non-binary people I'm not aware of?

We have days for 9/11 and both world wars. Why? Because they were tragic events where huge amounts of people lost their lives as well as family and friends. Millions died in the world wars, thousands died in the World Trade Center terrorist attacks, over a thousand died when the HMS Titanic sank. These are awful, tragic events worth remembering, it's why we have minutes of silence for them.

I'm sorry, but just existing does not make you worthy of having your own day. Why don't I have my own day? What about my sister? My dog? My friends? What about every randomer I've ever passed on the street?

Is this what society has become? Some sort of self sustaining clusterfuck of people trying to leech off' other's sympathy? First it was racism, which is still on on-going problem today and is very slowly being solved. Second, feminism. Sexism against females was a REAL problem, and in many parts of the world it still is. Then it was homophobia, which was slightly less of an issue but was DEFINITELY worthy of worldwide attention, a huge problem.

You see the trend here? These groups of people are noteworthy because of horrendous things that they have been the victims of in the past. Non-binary and transgender people have only begun to pop up in the last decade or so, maybe less. Likely because the idea of these concepts has spread, making it easier to recognise these traits on yourself. Now it seems everyone and their mother who happens to be part of a minority wants everyone else in the world to be their shoulder to cry on. I'm a straight male, so where's my crying shoulder? Why isn't there a 'We're all human in the end!' day?

Now I don't hate trans or non-binary folk, I understand they're people too and deserve the same recognition as a straight guy like me. But being trans or non-binary does not make your gender deserving of it's own day over other genders. That's how equality works my friends.

The world is a bleak and cruel place, but living in it is only as bad as you can make it.

Also one final note on Tumblr...

The theme system is fucking dumb as shit.

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