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  • 472 weeks
    Mw3 and ponies

    So I will be playing Mw3 again if you wanna add me my acc is called Octavia_MLP or CelestiaMLP

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  • 473 weeks
    New Fanfic out

    ;c; took me forever

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  • 475 weeks
    Quick ch was posted

    I'm going to edit it for typo's and stuff later this week and add more to it

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  • 478 weeks
    o-o another ch coming out

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  • 478 weeks
    Updates are magic

    Working on ''A new Dawn in Ponyville''

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New Fanfic out · 4:39am Sep 20th, 2012

;c; took me forever

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Nice, looking forward to reading it. :twilightsmile:

:facehoof: I hope it's better than my last ones
and do you have any fic's your working on right now ?

Yeah, I'm writing a comedy/slice of life about Apple Bloom write now. I'm hoping to keep my recent string of success going.

And you're last fics weren't bad... just needed a little tweaking up bro.

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