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I'm Back...Again · 12:15am Nov 17th, 2016

What is this you all hear? Is it the voice of God? Wushu? No, it's just another shitty brony author.

Hey guys, Sylus here, back and better than ever. After months of silence and going on a spirit journey only to find my spirit animal is a floor lamp that doesn't work, I have returned. Returned swith assurance that the quality and updates are above average? Absolutely not. If anything, nothing will really change, I will only be posting a little bit more often. That break was merely my laziness taking its true form, because I am a senior now and nothing really matters anymore. So, updates will come at more frequency. Will it be at a faster rate? Sort of, I have ass tons of free time now so this will fill it and it should fill it. Will the quality be better than before? Probably not, but hey is shit brown? (I mean sometimes...)

Will there be a sequel to Power of the Dark Side? You can bet your sweet ass, Timmy. Working on the drafts right now. No Matter What? Yes. The Ashbringer one? Hells yes, because MLP and WoW work so well together.

Maybe a Fallout Equestria fic? Maybe, we'll see how it goes. I have said I might make a Fallout Equestria fic forever now. I also feel like any of the followers I have accumulated now barely even pay attention to me anymore. I'll be better I swear!

So, there you go. Though you all probably think I am full of shit because I have posted so many blogs like this before. But be assured that I am not lying. So, there you go everyone, enjoy some of the tasty content I have on the way.

This is your friendly neighborhood clopfic writer, signing off!

(yeah I know, that was super lame. Just go with it plz...)

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